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PC MightyMax Fake Optimization Tool.How To Remove It?

What is PC MightyMax?

PC MightyMax is a deceptive program that claims it to be useful system optimization tool. But it is detected as a fake program which you should never trust upon. It manages to arrive on your PC through freeware downloads or can be downloaded from its official website. And once installed will keep throwing fake system alerts and warnings of computer infected with malware.PC MightyMax
PC MightyMax has the sole motive deceive users and urge them to buy its full version of software application to successfully resolve all the issues on the PC. However, the warnings generated by this fake program is absolutely false as this program does not have virus detection features. Authors of this fake program are taking advantage of innocent users by making them believe into their misleading warnings and earn profit.

PC MightyMax tool will never let you work properly on your computer and keep running in background to frequently alert you about fake warnings. This is not the alone one, but such type of fake program are being continuously developed by cyber offenders to cheat users. Some of them are:

AutoClean Pro 2018

Dr.Speedy PC

MPC Cleaner

There is no need to waste time in hooking with this kind of adware programs. Quickly go for automatic PC MightyMax adware removal.



How to Remove XVidly Adware

What is xVidly?

xVidly is an Adware program that distributed variety of advertisements on the browser. Although, it claims to be a useful download manager that can easily manage your online downloads. But it failed to keep its promise and is primarily uses its platform to distribute advertisements to earn its own profit. xVidly is promoted on its official webpage and is developed Jottix in 2013.

Once you download this free tool, it will customize the whole browser as replaces the existing homepage, new tab and search engine address to its own one. Along with that, you will notice unknown toolbars added on the start page of your browser that will keep interfering with your browsing. While using its services, you may be redirected to unknown web pages along with plenty of ads and suspicious links. Clicking on them could drive potentially unwanted programs to your PC. In addition to these, Ads by xVidly keeps tracking cookie to look up for user’s the browsing information in lure to deliver ads related to their interest. So, if you have got xVidly Adware installed then, you should quickly get rid of it to have an uninterrupted browsing.



Magic Disk Adware.How to Remove?

What is Magic Disk?

Magic Disk is a system utility software program that claims to cleans disks, frees up space and removes temporary Internet files. However, it does not fulfill its promises and it just a potentially unwanted program that users may get through free software downloads. Magic Disk is digitally signed by Chengdu Xingju Infinite Technology Co., Ltd. But does have any official website.
Once installed, Magic Disk creates new registry key entries in Windows Registry Editor to boot as the windows starts and keeps running within the background. Users may notice its program icon on the desktop as shortcut named as ‘mgdisk.’ You can also see “mgdisk.exe” process running within task manager window. Upon launching the program, it will open the application window that shows list of connected memory devices to the computer system. It is capable to make changes to your disks, which could be risky. As Magic Disk may drop infectious items to further spread to other computer systems. Also, this Adware is seens distributing lots of commercial advertisements through the browser of the infected PC. Along with that, this dubious software program collects important data related to user’s surfing and share with third-party. So, if you have got Magic Disk software installed, then quickly opt for effective removal tool to get rid of this annoying program.



Remove Advanced Identity Protector PUP

What is Advanced Identity Protector?

Advanced Identity Protector is a rogueware that promises to secure user’s privacy while browsing and protect their identity from being misused. Despite claiming such useful features, this program is marked as a potentially unwanted application that tricks users by showing fake alerts and urge them to buy its registered version software program. Users should know that Advanced Identity Protector is not a worthy program and does not help you stay protected.

Advanced Identity Protector

Advanced Identity Protector is developed by Systweak Software and is distributed mainly official website You may randomly redirected to this site if your browser is infected with some sort of Adware. And clicking on its link could download Advanced Identity Protector on your computer system. As soon as this application is installed, it starts scanning the system and present lots of risks, alerts and error reports that may not actually exists on your system. And if click on fix issues then, it will ask you to pay to get its licensed version. So, you should not believe on this shady application and opt for quick removal.



Remove SaveFrom.Net helper Adware Program

What is SaveFrom.Net helper?

SaveFrom.Net helper is just another misleading website that pretends to be a legitimate Youtube video downloader. Although, this feature provided on this site may attract users and they quickly agree to use this for downloading purposes. But, soon after that you will start facing strange behaviours on your browser.

Remove SaveFrom.Net helper

SaveFrom.Net helper is considered to be a potentially unwanted program that forces the browser to redirect to unknown websites and load plenty of advertisements and pop-ups. Also, file downloaded from SaveFrom.Net helper program may bundle with other harmful programs that can be dropped inside your computer system and negotiate its resources for deceitful activities. Users should be very careful while using its services as this could hamper your browsing as well as infect the whole system.

In addition to these, SaveFrom.Net helper adware keeps tracking cookie to look up for user’s the browsing information in lure to deliver ads related to their interest. There is no need to waste time in hooking with this kind of adware programs. Quickly go for automatic SaveFrom.Net helper adware removal.



Remove Auto PC Booster 2018(Fake system tool)

What is Auto PC Booster 2018?

Auto PC Booster 2018 is a system utility that is promoted via This tool is claims to keep your computer system error free and helps in smooth running. You can download this tool from the above mentioned website that firstly gives a 30-days trial period which does not allow users to use the full features of Auto PC Booster 2018. After the trial period ends, users are recommended to buy the full version of the tool which costs $19.95.
Auto PC Booster 2018 and AutoClean Pro 2018 are owned by the same company called PCVARK Software Pvt. Both has similar features and goals, just like Auto PC Booster 2018, this tool is also considered to be as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Such program are only designed to attract users with its fake promises, but is only aimed to earn profit and distribute advertisements. Your system could never be secured till Auto PC Booster 2018 is present. It is better to remove this rogue system tool and not pay any money for this.
Users should think twice before spending money on such fake programs and quickly opt for removal solution to detect and remove all its associated programs.



Remove AutoClean Pro 2018(fake Anti-virus)

What is AutoClean Pro 2018?

AutoClean Pro 2018 is a promoted as a system optimization tool for windows users.
The tool is described as “keep your PCs running smooth, fast and error free.
It is owned by the company named as PCVARK Software Pvt. Ltd, that is also known to deploy other potentially unwanted programs across the web.
AutoClean Pro 2018 is promoted through advertisements and redirected links that occur due to ad-supported extensions and add-ons installed upon the web browsers.
The websites associated with this fake tool is http://www.winspeeduputils[.]com and http://www.1cleanup[.]com.

You may got AutoClean Pro 2018 installed while accidentally visiting on such pages or bundled through other freeware programs. Once installed, this dubious program will show false reports of system errors and issues that is for the free trial. But as user click on resolve the issues, then the AutoClean Pro 2018 prompts users to register for its monthly subscription that costs 19,95 USD/per month.

Users should think twice before spending money on such fake programs and quickly opt for removal solution to detect and remove all its associated programs.



Remove Microsoft Securoty Essentials (Fake Anti-virus)

What is Microsoft Securoty Essentials?

If you are seeing Microsoft Securoty Essentials program on your computer, then you must read this article.

A fake version of Microsoft Security Essentials has been out and is being distributed through freeware downloads. This program appears as a legit antivirus program by using the name of “Microsoft Security Essentials”, but is absolutely fake.

Microsoft Securoty Essentials is detected as a potentially unwanted program that is meant to cheat users by showing fake reports of the PC. The report claims the the PC is severely infected by malware and users are advised to immediately remove the viruses. Once user click on “ok”, they are redirected to third-party websites that may install other harmful programs on the compromised PC.

Remove Microsoft Securoty Essentials

Microsoft Securoty Essentials is itself as malicious program that executes harmful tasks on the attacked PC and make it vulnerable for additional threats online. It may also urge users to purchase any rogue security program in order to completely free the PC from viruses.

But users must not believe on such warnings as they are absolutely fake. Microsoft Securoty Essentials is nothing more than a risky stuff that users must remove from the computer before it’s too late. Quickly go for automatic Microsoft Securoty Essentials adware removal.



Convert My Files Extension Removal Guide

What is Convert My Files?

Convert My Files is an unwanted browser extension that is distributed being bundled within freeware programs. This is detected as an Adware program that changes entire browser settings like changes the default homepage, replaces the new tab and manages the search engine settings. Convert My Files may not be useful to you instead will bother with plenty of advertisements, pop-ups and links showing all over the browser. This adware shows various unusual traits on the browser like:

Read and change all the data of the websites visited by the user.
Redirects the requested webpage to unknown URLs.
Records surfing habits and browsing data.
Changes default new tab settings, manages apps, toolbars and themes of the attacked browser.
Manages the downloads.
Delivers numerous advertisements, pop-ups and sponsored links.

From the above facts, it is clear that Convert My Files extension should not be welcomed. Also, clicking on its recommended ads could further drop other potentially harmful programs, Adware or malicious codes to hamper its performance. Its presence will only harm your PC and nothing else. Quickly follow the removal guide to stop being redirected to and uninstall “Convert My Files” extension from the browser.



Icecream Slideshow Maker – CHIP-Installer.exe Removal Solution

What is Icecream Slideshow Maker – CHIP-Installer.exe?

Icecream Slideshow Maker – CHIP-Installer.exe is marked as a potentially unwanted application. And is completely unworthy program as it is a freeware program that is usually distributed through bundled installers. However, it claims to assist users in making slide presentation but its features are limited to the free version and it keeps on prompting users to buy its registered one. Icecream Slideshow Maker – CHIP-Installer.exe is rather annoying then helpful, as it engages system resources, overloads the memory and also injects advertisements within the browser. Clicking on these ads could further redirected to third-party web pages showing non-stop ads and pop-ups. So users must avoid clicking on its pop-ups as it could silently drop additional threats to the PC.
In addition to these, Ads by Icecream Slideshow Maker – CHIP-Installer.exe keeps tracking cookie to look up for user’s the browsing information in lure to deliver ads related to their interest. There is no need to waste time in hooking with this kind of adware programs. Quickly find a solution to remove Icecream Slideshow Maker – CHIP-Installer.exe and its other components from the negotiated PC.



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