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Remove hijacker hijacker is regarded as a browser hijacker. It is offered as a start page to the browsers when users install “Pdfconvertor” browser extension. Although, it claims to provide useful functionality to easily convert PDF files to other formats and access them directly while working on their browser. But, Pdfconvertor carries other malicious traits that could interfere with the browsing routines of users.

The webpage as shown in the picture:Remove Pdfconverter.proThese are:

  • Targeting all sorts of browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
  • Modifying browser’s settings like homepage URL, new tab and search engine to hxxp://
  • Frequently redirects users to its sponsored third-party websites to generate traffic and earn their commission.
  • Completely changes the appearance of the new tab like theme, quick links to social media sites and adds toolbars of its own.
  • Encourage the download of third-party extensions and other freeware programs that could risk your privacy.
  • Uses cookies to collect user’s identifiable data and send the collected data to remote servers.

These are only few of the malicious traits of, there can be lots more and their associated affect could be worse for your browser as well as your privacy. There are various homepage hijacker providing similar functions like, Convert2Pdf Now, Sonic PDF Converter and My Quick Converter so on. Manually switching back to your previous browsing settings could not just solve the issue, until Pdfconvertor extension and its program files are present on the attacked PC.

Remove browser hijacker hijacker is considered to be a browser hijacker that is able to hijack the commonly used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE and MS Edge. You may see this URL as your default start page of the attacked browser. This search page is meant to place plenty of advertising and third-party contents to draw traffic on these pages and earn profit. is listed among the potentially unwanted program that are installed along with freeware components. Freeware programs are generally bundled with additional programs that does not disclose their identity and get installed without seeking further user’s permission.

Once mounted on the browser successfully, browser hijacker will start acting weird and will no more respond as per your request. More often, it will redirect your new tab to unknown/third-party websites. These pages displays annoying contents loaded with advertisements, sponsored links and pop-ups. These happenings will make your browser unstable and also could drop other potentially harmful programs onto your PC.
While is active on your browser, it keeps track on your surfing habits and collect various information of the users. The data collected by could be:

  • Name;
  • Email address
  • Your Search queries;
  • Frequently visited websites;
  • Geo-location;
  • Web browser;
  • Login details,
  • IP address, so on

And many such information could be misused for various illicit purposes. Thus, users are recommended to quickly uninstall and its associated components.  If you had already tried removing manually then , quickly go through automatic removal tool- its easy and user-friendly.

Remove hijacker from browsers hijacker is a browser hijacker that changes the default homepage settings without user’s permission. This dubious search engine comes along with Search Pulse web extension that claims to offer easy and enhanced surfing experience of users. But as you install this extension, it will mess up your entire browser and replaces the existing homepage URL to “” and changes the default search preferences to its own search engine.

Remove Pulse) is meant to deliver advertisements and links within the search results shown by its search engine. Using its services, you will never be satisfied with the information provided by it. Also, this notorious program uses tracking cookies to collects user’s surfing keywords and use them for advertising purposes. The cookies stored within the browsers contains various information like visited sites details, keywords, logins and many others to give users an enhanced surfing. But programs like take its advantage for illegal benefits. Thus, users are advised to quickly remove and its associated extensions from the browsers as soon as possible.

Remove CryptoPriceSearch toolbar from browsers

CryptoPriceSearch hijacker

CryptoPriceSearch is a free search tool offered by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. The toolbar is offered on its homepage that delivers pop-ups on the browser to install/Add CryptoPriceSearch extension upon the browser. The extensions wants the following permissions on the chrome browser:

Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.
Replace the page you see when opening a new tab.
Manage your downloads.
Manage your apps, extensions and themes.

Once installed, CryptoPriceSearch toolbar changes crucial browser settings like homepage as MyWay and new tab to Not only that, it also changes the default search engine to “” that delivers search results from Yahoo search provider. All these changes are done without the approval of users. Thus, users may not feel secure working on this search program. CryptoPriceSearch toolbar does not delivers helpful and trusted search results instead takes the advantage of its services to gather more and more information about users and their browsing patterns. Thus, your privacy could be invaded till this creepy program is present on the PC as well as browser. Quickly follow the removal guide for complete removal.

Remove browser hijacker hijacker is a browser hijacker program that changes the default web browser’s settings. This might be unfavourable to you as your default homepage, new tab and search engine settings. Along with that, it also adds its program shortcut on the desktop to launch automatically. This unwanted program interfere with the browsing by showing misleading search results loaded with plenty of advertisements and paid links. These links when clicked could redirect to third-party websites to earn pay-per-click revenue. browser hijacker is also detected as by the AV vendors that is not considered as safe. You may wonder how you got this hijacker program installed on your computer. This mostly happens when user downloads freeware programs that contains additional programs within. When user installs the said program then, the additional ones like gets automatically installed without seeking any further permission. Thus, users are advised to opt for “custom” installation option at the time installing any software programs. So, if you have got hijacker installed on the browser and you are seeking for removal, then quickly opt for automatic removal solution. hijacker(How to Remove) hijacker

The post is about “” its occurrence, impact on the infected browser and removal instructions. Please read the guide carefully and follow the step-by-step removal procedure to get rid of this browser hijacker. is a perky homepage that may appear as a legit search provider on your browser. Well, this is not true as this website silently strikes on the commonly used browser like Google chrome, Mozilla , IE and opera. It makes its way to your browser through freeware downloads or promotional adverts. And once successfully installed, it attempts to hijack the default browser by changing the existing settings of homepage, new tab and search engine.

Your altered homepage could appear as:


Using for carrying out your searches could be risky. As, it aims to push paid ads, links and third-party sponsored contents all over your browser to earn its own revenue. Not only that, this nasty homepage hijacker could spy around your browsing activities and gather all important data to sell them to third party for serving marketing campaigns.
So, it is better to remove homepage hijacker from your browser and other Adware programs from the PC.

Remove browser hijacker hijacker

The post is about “” awaring you of its behaviours, attack methods and removal instructions. Please read the guide carefully and follow the step-by-step removal procedure to get rid of this program. is the homepage hijacker that mounts on the new tab of your browser without any approval. This homepage is associated with “Easy To Find Forms” web extension that claims it be useful for users who are seeking for various forms online. This extension is owned by the company named as “Polarity Technologies”(previously known as SaferBrowser).

Easy To Find Forms is actually an Adware that modifies existing new tab, homepage, and search engine of the default browser. Hence, user suddenly see as default homepage and the search preferences are also altered to its own search engine that is

The page appears as:

Remove heasytofindforms-com-browser-hijacker

You can see there are lots of quick links and toolbars added on the new tab. This is meant to promote third-party programs and also record your browsing data for illegal actions. Also, you will never get any trusted results on the website and all your queries will be used to serve advertisements to draw traffic and earn commission.

So, if you have got Easy To Find Forms extension installed on your browser and your homepage being redirected to, then quickly go for removal and switch to your previous browsing settings.

Remove browser hijacker hijacker is a browser hijacker that is meant to redirect users to third party URLs. This website drops advertisements to monetize traffic of sponsored sites. So while using its search services, your searched queries are sent to third party servers and are finally redirected to other search engines to display the results. All the collected data are used for serving marketing campaigns.

Remove Remove browser hijacker normally attacks Google Chrome and comes bundled with freeware in the form of web extensions (Stream on the web), add-ons and toolbars to ease user’s surfing. But they silently drops kind of browser hijacker program that attempt to take the control over the browser by modifying existing settings. Thus you see its homepage and search engine that mislead you by showing tainted search results.

So, you should not believe on programs and quickly find a perfect solution to remove it and other associated Adware programs. browser redirect (How to Remove) hijacker is a browser hijacker that strikes the browser in the form of any web extension. This program is usually found bundled with freeware programs and is mounted upon the browser without the permission of users. Once installed, hijacks the browser and is noticed as default homepage of the browser. Users might feel bothered using this search engine as it displays search results loaded with plenty of advertisements and links. These links when clicked could redirect to annoying pages showing adverts and unwanted contents.

Remove hijacker uses cookies to track surfing habits of users and uses the data push filtered advertisements upon the browser. Such activities could risk the privacy of users, thus, it should not be encouraged and quickly needs to removed.

Remove Panda Viewer( hijacker

Panda Viewer hijacker

Panda Viewer is detected as a potentially unwanted program(PUP) that manipulates browser settings without user’s approval. This dubious program changes the default browser settings like homepage, new and search engine to “”. search engine attempts to control the entire browser and mislead user by display fake search results.
This program is currently being distributed through bundling methods that does not provide full information about the additional programs being installed on the computer system. Thus, users do not have the clue of how and when Panda Viewer adware got inside their computer system. The program runs as “Pandaviewer.exe” under the task manager window and can also trigger other malicious actions. Thus, it is better to remove Panda Viewer hijacker along with other adware program as soon as possible.

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