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Prowli Malware operation infects devices|Aims to spread malware and cryptojacking

Prowli is a malicious operation being used to spread malware and cryptojacking

Researchers and cybersecurity experts at GuardiCore have uncovered an immense destructive botnet that had already affected more than 40,000 devices including Servers, Modems and IoT Devices.


Powli operation is aimed to spread malware and infect large organizations like industries, finance, education and government. It misguides user’s traffic by redirecting to malicious websites to distribute viruses/malware and even drops cryptojacking codes to carry out mining activities.
The authors of Prowli operation have developed it to capture the control over the servers by embedding malicious codes by using various attacking techniques and spread its malware program.

How Prowli Malware can attack

The common ways of attacking includes:

  • Exploit kits;
  • Vulnerabilities;
  • Brute force attacks;
  • Exploiting weak configurations.

Prowli operation has been successful in infecting devices and machines of more than 9,000 organizations. For this, the hackers lure the innocent users by convincing them of any technical issue on their computer systems just like technical support scams and make them install any malicious program or extension which carries the payloads of the malware.

Prowli Malware

List of servers and devices that have been infected by the Prowli campaign:

  • WordPress sites
  • Joomla! sites
  • Several models of DSL modems
  • Servers running HP Data Protector
  • Drupal and PhpMyAdmin installations,
  • NFS boxes
  • servers with exposed SMB ports (all via brute-force credentials guessing)
  • Vulnerable Internet-of-Thing (IoT) devices;
  • Servers with an open SSH port;

Prowli Group are aimed to generate profit through deploying cryptocurrency miners

According to the analysis, after hacking the servers and IoT devices, the Prowli group uses the devices for massive cryptocurrency mining operations. It deploys the cryptocurrency mining codes and scripts like Monero Miner and r2r2 worm. These scripts utilizes all the computing power to generate virtual/digital currency to generate huge profit out of it.

The r2r2 is a malware that brute force the SSH logins by randomly providing user ID and password from the directory. And once it gets successful to break in, it allows the Prowli malware to spread and start to execute series of commands on the compromised device. The r2r2 worm also helps the Prowli operation to spread further to more uninfected machines and devices.

The commands then helps to download the crypto-mining components from the remote server. It includes:

  • Monero (XMR) the cryptocurrency miner;
  • The configuration file; and
  • Various copies of r2r2 worm based on different CPU architectures.

Not only that, the Prowli operation also infects the CMS (Content Management system) platforms with a backdoor “WSO web shell”. This web shell is being used by the cyber crooks to infect the websites with the malicious codes. After which the compromised website is redirects the user’s traffic to their owned or sponsored malicious sites including fake update pages, adult sites, tech scams and other misleading websites.

However, many of its TDS(traffic distribution systems) which were working for the crooks were taken down. But still there is no stopping for the prowli and is spreading its malware to generate huge profit.

How to protect your devices from the Prowli attack

Prowli operation is always in search of vulnerabilities, loopholes and low security configurations to break into your device and capture it completely. The compromised device can be used for various misleading activities. We should not encourage the cyber crooks behind the Prowli operation to do such illegitimate actions. Follow this simple steps to prevent your device from being attacked by the Prowli malware:

  1. Use strong passwords for your device which is unique and you haven’t used before.
  2. Keeping changing it within 3 months;
  3. Keep your operating system updated;
  4. Use a Real-time anti-malware protection for each of your device;
  5. Never click on any fraud or misleading links like tech scams;
  6. Install apps and extensions from the official websites only.

Complete Guide on JS Miner

Complete Guide on JS Miner

Js Miner is a legitimate crypto miner program and is not be confused with the Js:Miner virus.

Js:Miner Virus is an illegitimate crypto-currency Miner used by the hackers who exploits the mining codes to secretly mine for cryptocurrency by consuming the system resources of the users.

Js Miner is used by website owners who like to monetize by mining cryptocurrency like Monero when user visits their website. The website owners inserts the javaScript code for mining, so once the user visits their website then it uses the CPU and GPU resources of the visitor’s computer to mine for the coins. But before doing so, they make users aware of the thing that they are using their CPU resources to mine for digital currency.

Here is what says

“It is your responsibility to inform your visitors if you are running this code and allow them to opt out! Cryptocurrency mining may be considered malware if done without user consent.”

Also, we show you the screenshot of the JS Miner program:

 JSMiner program

But, these mining codes are being illegitimately used by cyber criminals and hackers who injects the mining codes to their websites and consume the resources of the users to mine the digital currency without letting them know. So, users starts experiencing slow browsing, web pages crash down as well as impacts the overall system performance.

Js:Miner virus is being spread through various ways and has its variants actively on the web. The most common ways through which this infection could attacks are:

  • Trojan horse invasion
  • Spam email attachments
  • visiting suspicious or hacked websites
  • File-sharing over infected website and network
  • Updating software or download crack of games or other freeware programs
  • Clicking on ads and fraud links on adult sites
  • Streaming videos or playing online games through any redirected webpage

Whichever the source may be, but Js:Miner virus could make drastic changes to the whole system. Once the payloads of the malicious program is dropped on the system, it adds its files to various windows directory like AppData, Temp, program files and other directories.

After that, it makes several modifications to the system settings including auto-launch of its program, scheduling task, creating registries and subkeys and even grants itself administrative permissions to carry out its illegal tasks without any hindrance.

Once the windows is active or starts, it monetarily executes its malicious code to mine for cryptocurrency without the knowledge of users.

However, there are no any visible symptoms of its existence but there are few unusual behaviors which may prove that Js:Miner Miner is executing inside.

  • User may locate its process “Js:Miner” within the task manager window which will have a description of “No File”.
  • The CPU usage will show 90% or above.
  • Applications will run slowly and minimize and maximize window will stuck at times.
  • User may face difficulties while playing games, watching videos and performing other tasks.
  • Normal performance of the computer will be hampered.

Other variants of Js:Miner virus are:

  • JS/CoinMiner

All the varients of Js:Miner virus has the same motive to consume the resources and power of the attacked computer system to secretly mine for cryptocurrency. Thus, it is advised to remove Js:Miner along with its other associated files from the computer to ensure complete removal.

If you notice the above behaviors of your computer system, then you should quickly check of Js:Miner Miner program by scanning your computer and remove them.
Our technical team have tested the threat and found that Js:Miner Miner can be successfully removed by these anti-malware applications.

Remove Js:Miner Miner program with McAfee Anti Virus Security

Remove Js:Miner Miner program with Panda Antivirus Pro Security

Remove Js:Miner Miner program with STOPzilla AntiVirus 8.0

Remove Js:Miner Miner program with SpyHunter

Any of these automatic Removal methods works at their best to free your computer system from Js:Miner Miner. However Security Experts does not recommend for manual removal methods as it can be risky and time consuming. But we present the both the methods for our users.

Methods to remove Js:Miner from the computer

If you have Js:Miner virus dropped inside, then your computer might also be infected with other spyware and potentially unwanted programs. You can try removing those manually, but manual method may not help you out fully to remove all the threats as they can regenerate itself if a single program code remain inside. Also, manual method requires very much proficiency in registry and program details, ant single mistake can put you in big trouble. Your computer may even crash down in the middle. Thus, Security researchers and virus experts always recommend using powerful and effective anti-spyware scanner and protector tool to completely remove the spyware or other potentially unwanted software from the infected computer system or other device.

Automatic Js:Miner Removal solution

SpyHunter has got all the feature that can help to remove Js:Miner virus from the infected computer and also prevent the other threats to attack the device in future. Once SpyHunter starts to run in the background, it will keep up notified if any threat or PUP tries to enter. Another feature of SpyHunter is that, whenever you install any new program it will Js:Miner scan the program and if it is not from any trusted source, it will notify you. Thus you can choose yourself either to go through the next installation step or stop right there.

Scan for Js:Miner virus On the computer.

SpyHunter 4 Features

Spyhunter 4 Compact OS allows your computer system to boot without windows so removal of malware and other stubborn infections may be easy.
Spyhunter System Guards will identify and block any malicious processes in real-time. Besides it allow to take full control of all processes that run on your computer.Scanning-SpyHunter

Spyhunter Scan

The brand new advantage of the software is this feature providing the list of even the most malicious malware. After a complete and advanced system scan is conducted, the user can quickly have all system threats removed – even the ones which were not found by other anti-spyware programs.Spyware-HelpDesk

It is important to emphasize that the systems having Spyhunter installed are protected from all types of existing malware. The program traces and completely deletes adware, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and other threats including trojans and worms. None of the malware is now able to steal your personal data and use it against you.

For MAC users it is recommended to Download MACKEEPER-3 easy steps to clean your Mac!


  • Follow two easy steps to install MacKeeper.downloadscreen_9_2_en
  • Drag the MacKeeper icon from the Applications folder to your Dock.

mackeeper-system-scanMacKeeper will start a system scan on your MAC PC and will present the full report of the scan.

Manual Js:Miner Removal solution

Step:1 Remove suspicious and unwanted browser add-ons, toolbars and extensions:


IEMicrosoft Edge (Internet Explorer)

  • Click on the cogwheel icon in the top right corner of the browser
  • In the menu choose the Manage Add-ons
  • Select Toolbar and Extension tab.
  • Look for Js:Miner or other suspicious add-ons.
  • Click Disable button.


google-chromeGoogle Chrome

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • In the address bar type chrome://settings/
  • Click on the Extensions tab
  • Find related Js:Miner or other suspicious extension and click the delete icon.
  • Reset Homepage and search engine.


mozilla-firefoxMozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox
  • In the address bar type about:addons
  • Click Extensions tab.
  • Find related Js:Miner or other suspicious extension.
  • Click the Remove button.

Note: This can only remove the extensions and add-ons from the browsers. The complete removal means more than this. You must reset browser settings and re-launch all the browsers. It is recommended to use automatic Reset browser option from the SpyHunter strong antivirus tool.

Step:-2 Remove all associated files From Operating System

windows-xpWindows XP

  • Click Start
  • In the menu choose Control Panel
  • Choose Add / Remove Programs.
  • Find Js:Miner related files.
  • Click Remove button.


windows-7Windows 7 / Vista

  • Click Start and choose Control Panel.
  • Choose Programs and Features and Uninstall a program.
  • In the list of installed programs find files and programs associated to Js:Miner
  • Click Uninstall button.


windows-8Windows 8 /8.1

  • Right click on the bottom left corner of the desktop screen
  • From the left menu choose Control Panel
  • Click Uninstall a program under Programs and Features.
  • Locate the files and programs associated with Js:Miner or other suspicious program.
  • Click Uninstall button.

Step:- 3 Remove all Registry Entries added by Js:Miner

Js:Miner creates a folder under:

  • %ProgramFiles%\scsi manager\scsimgr.exe

It then creates the following files:

  • %ProgramFiles%\Js:Miner \icon.ico
  • %ProgramFiles%\Js:Miner \ Js:Miner .crx
  • %ProgramFiles%\Js:Miner \ Js:Miner .dll
  • %ProgramFiles%\Js:Miner \ Js:Miner .xpi
  • %ProgramFiles%\Js:Miner \ Js:Miner 64.dll
  • %ProgramFiles%\Js:Miner \UninJs:Miner
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC\StateData\RacWmiDataBookmarks.dat
  • %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC\StateData\RacWmiEventData.dat
  • %AllUsersProfile%\Microsoft\RAC\StateData\RacWmiDataBookmarks.dat
  • %AllUsersProfile%\Microsoft\RAC\StateData\RacWmiEventData.dat

Next, Js:Miner creates the following registry entries:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{814664b0-d93b-4da6-9216-722c56179397}
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{814664b0-d93b-4da6-9216-722c56179397}
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Activation Technologies\AdminObject\Store\55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Classes\CLSID\{814664b0-d93b-4da6-9216-722c56179397}
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Js:Miner
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{814664b0-d93b-4da6-9216-722c56179397}

Perform the following steps to delete the associated Registry entries by Js:Miner

  1. While in the desktop view, Press window’s icon and R.
  2. It will open the Run window and type “regedit”.
  3. It will open the Registry Editor window, Now you need to locate and delete all registry items associated to Js:Miner program.
  4. Go to File<Click Export
  5. Save the file in c:\ as regbackup. Click save.
  6. Go to Edit< find< Type Js:Miner
  7. Press F3 to search.
  8. Once an item is found, read to make sure it is a link to that program.
  9. Press delete to remove it.
  10. Continue pressing F3 and deleting items pertaining to the program, until all the links are gone.

Warning: you must only choose and delete the values and their associated registry entries for Js:Miner , others should not be tampered, edited or deleted. At any point you think not comfortable with the manual process, stop it immediately and use Js:Miner Removal Tool for safe problem solution.

Step:-4 Reboot the Computer and Run the Anti-malware tool for Complete Removal of Js:Miner

Now Reboot the computer and run the scanner to detect any threat or suspicious program remaining inside. If you are not satisfied with the results and still see the issues, We recommend using the automatic Js:Miner Removal Tool for complete removal.

Experts Guide To Prevent Future Attacks

The following steps will guide you to reduce the risk of infection further.

  • Scan all files with an Internet Security solution before transferring them to your system.
  • Only transfer files from a well known source.
  • Always read carefully the End User License agreement at Install time and cancel if other “programs” are being installed as part of the desired program.
  • When visiting a website, type the address directly into the browser rather than following a link.
  • Do not provide personal information to any unsolicited requests for information.
  • Don’t open attachments or click on Web links sent by someone you don’t know.
  • Keep web browser up to date and computer is configured securely.


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Js:Miner Overview

Technical Details of Js:Miner

Automatic Js:Miner Removal solution

Manual Js:Miner Removal solution

****For MAC users it is recommended to Download MACKEEPER-3 easy steps to clean your Mac!****

****For Windows users it is recommended to Download Spyhunter most trusted Anti-spyware ****

Butler Miner Program.How to Remove?

Butler Miner Utilizes 90% of the CPU resources…Read the full article…

Butler Miner is a cryptocurrency miner program which aims to utilize the CPU and GPU resources of the attacked computer system. The malware program eats entire resources to mine for cryptocurrency mainly Monero coins. Users are generally not aware of the happenings on their PC as keeps its identity hidden. The presence of Butler Miner program could result in sluggish system performance, applications may stuck at times and also affect the hardware.

Butler Miner virus is generally distributed through spam mail attachments that appears to be from legitimate source containing convincing subjects. But as user opens the attached documents, it starts downloading the payloads of the malware and installs it. There are other social engineering methods through which your computer can get this infection like: updating software programs from fake links or websites, downloading freeware and playing online games. Once installed, it does lots of changes to the system and adds files to various locations on the PC. It then connects to the mining pool of cryptocurrency, it may use  XMRig which then runs the script to mine for the coins. Butler Miner program drops code to auto-launch along with the start of the windows and overloads the CPU for its mining process. User may notice “explorer.exe” process running under task manager window which assist the mining process by consuming the CPU resources. Along with that, you can see an application window called “mgdisk” opening that appears as below:butler-miner-software-how-to-remove-it

Being a Trojan threat, Butler Miner can also be used to steal private and confidential data stored on the system and also execute other malicious tasks without the consent of users. Thus, it is advised to remove Butler Miner along with its other associated files from the computer to ensure complete removal.


Zminer.exe Miner. How to Remove?

Zminer.exe Miner Utilizes 90% of the CPU resources…Read the full article…

Zminer.exe is a crypto-miner program that stealthy uses the CPU resources of the attacked PC for mining process. This is a clever technique used by cyber-offenders to cheat novice users and earn quick profit. As crypto-currency like Bitcoins, Monero and Dashcoin and so on are trending so much and have become a medium to earn extra money.

But cyber-criminals are taking advantage of it and using malicious programs like Zminer.exe that disguises along with freeware installation. And once installed, it runs silently within the system background and consume all the available CPU resources for mining crypto-currency.

Such threats have no any visible symptoms except user may notice sluggish system performance, unknown tasks running within the task manager window that take more than 70% of the resources. Zminer.exe must be removed at its earliest.


Remove or Overview or is a malicious browser redirect web page which uses must avoid visiting. This web page actually injects javaScript codes to run the crypto-currency mining process within the browser. It may also install fake browser extension/add-on program without user’s permission. Such programs are used for mining cryptocurrency by utilizing the system resources of users and earn their profit.

While the mining process is going on, redirect webpage confuses users by redirecting to unknown sites and showing numerous advertisements within the web browser. So, if your browser is redirecting you to or then, you must be cautious of your browser infected with in-browser crypto-miner program.


Remove FacexWorm cryptominer from Chrome browser

FacexWorm Malware-exploits Facebook Messenger to spread its infection

FacexWorm is a harmful Trojan threat that is out in the wild and is mainly targeting facebook users. The threat is being distributed through malicious links appearing within the facebook messenger. The link redirects users to a fake website imitating the theme of YouTube and offers to install Chrome extension that actually contains the infectious javaScript code of FacexWorm.

Once the malware gets inside the targeted system, it injects mining codes to the websites visited by the users, so as to silently mine the crypto-currency like Bitcoin or Monero. Along with that, FacexWorm malware is also capable of stealing logins and passwords of e-wallets, hijack the browser and redirect to scam websites and make use of the infected system to further spread its payloads.
FacexWorm is mainly targeting Chrome users through facebook messenger scamming links but other browser can also be affected by random redirections and non-stop ads. Thus, users are advised not to open any suspicious link on their messenger and they you are already infected then, quickly opt for complete removal solution.


Remove Vghost.exe BitCoin miner

Vghost.exe Miner overloads the CPU…

Vghost.exe is a Bitcoin miner program that uses the resources of the attacked PC to mine for crypto currency without the permission of users. It aims to earn profit for its owners with the expenses of innocent users.

Users are generally not aware of the existence of Vghost.exe as it imitates to be any legit program or process. You can get this trojan program along with freeware downloads or performing fake updates. As soon as, Vghost.exe gets installed it adds registry codes to auto-launch its process within the task manager. And consume all resources available for mining the crypto-currency like Bitcoin. While the mining process is going on, users may face various troubles working on their system as all the CPU and GPU resources are being utilized for the purpose of mining.

Along with negotiating system resources, this destructive program could carry out other illicit tasks. Soon your PC could be crashed down. Quickly follow the removal instructions to ensure complete removal of Vghost.exe Miner virus.


Remove W32.Downuk worm from PC

W32.Downuk Worm Infection

W32.Downuk is a type of worm infection that is used by cyber offenders to cheat owners of digital currency mostly Bitcoin. Like other computer worms, this one also spreads through removable devices. User may get this infection through infected files downloaded from the web and the worm further copies itself to the external removal devices. When the infected removal devices is connected to any clean computer system, W32.Downu worm gets inside that system.
Once inside, W32.Downuk hosts on the infected computer and replaces Bitcoin addresses which may have found within the clipboard so as to transfer all the digital money to their own Bitcoin address. So, if you have found any changes within your Bitcoin address or any random process running within the task manager then, we recommend quickly scanning your computer and remove W32.Downuk worm immediately.


W32.Rarogminer Monero miner(Removal Solution)

W32.Rarogminer Monero Miner Overview

W32.Rarogminer Monero miner is detected as a computer worm whose presence would risk your computer resources. This worm infection is designed to mine for the Monero cryptocurrency by utilizing the CPU resources of the attacked PC.

W32.Rarogminer worm infection might strike on your computer through self-replicating its malicious file from one computer to another while using any infected removal media devices. The payloads of the virus is being distributed through infected file downloads that starts by copying its file on the removal device to spread further on another computer devices. The file may be named as:

This process continues each time user inserts any external drives either it is a flash drive, external HDD or any other memory carrier. When the infected removal drive is connected to a healthy computer system, it copies the infected files on the computer and so it gets the infection.

Once, W32.Rarogminer Monero miner installs successfully, it starts a fake process named as “lsass.exe” within the task manager window. This process might be used as Mining process eating the CPU, network and other expenses of the attacked PC. This overloads the CPU that directly affects the computer performance. Users may have a hard time working on their computer as it freezes the screen, makes the performance dull and also slows the network.

If you have noticed W32.Rarogminer on your PC or a lsass.exe process consuming more than 90% of the CPU resources, then we advise you to remove this worm infection as soon as possible.


Remove MiltiPool Miner.exe Program

MiltiPool Miner.exe Miner Utilizes 90% of the CPU resources…Read the full article…

MiltiPool Miner.exe is a mining software program for cryptocurrency. The program is secretly used by cyber criminals to mine cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Monero and DarkNetCoin. It will take the advantage of your system resources to carry out the mining process and make huge money. As the mining process needs huge amount of CPU and GPU resources, so you have face various issues on your computer system. consume all your CPU resources and engage them mining process without your consent. Users might often get MiltiPool Miner.exe installed along with any bundled freeware downloads or clicking any malicious link.
MiltiPool Miner.exe program can easily hide its original identity and keep users busy by pretending to be a gaming application. But, you can notice MiltiPool Miner.exe process running under task manager window which consumes more than 90% of the CPU resources, this means it is a crytominer. And should be removed at its earliest.


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