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How to Remove Misleading:Win32/Pidmecc

Misleading:Win32/Pidmecc Overview

Misleading:Win32/Pidmecc Misleading:Win32/Pidmecc is alerted as highly risky program by most of the AV vendors. It is particularly designed to report fraud claims about registry issues, files, applications or other programs on the target PC. This can mislead users and force them to do any illicit actions recommended by the reported threat. Misleading:Win32/Pidmecc can arrive through bundled freeware downloads or fake codes embedded within hacked webpages. Once entered, this threat can alter various settings of the PC to carryout misleading actions. Thus users should not delay to remove Misleading:Win32/Pidmecc malware from the PC.


Complete Removal guide for Chrome_Font.exe

Can’t block Chrome_Font.exe from appearing all over your browsers? Don’t worry this page contains full information about Chrome_Font.exe and how to delete it manually as well as automatically from the infected browsers.

What is Chrome_Font.exe?

Chrome_Font.exe is a malicious program associating with browser hijacker which redirects users to page opening up a pop-up that says:

The “HoeflerText” font wasn’t found.
Step 1: In the bottom left corner of the screen you’ll see the download bar. Click on the Chrome_Font.exe item
Step 2: Press Yes (Run) in order to see the correct content on the web page

Chrome_Font.exe will automatically start downloading its malicious file and execute onto the target PC. Within few minutes, you might see various changes to your browser like altered homepage, new tab and toolbars. Also, your browser will be loaded with plenty of ads, pop-ups and sponsored links which will never allow you to surf freely. If you see any pop-up from Chrome_Font.exe, then you must avoid clicking on such pop-ups as it can flood your PC with more adware and malware.




How To Remove ¿ìѹ.lnk malware program from PC

¿Ìѹ.LNK Overview

¿Ìѹ.LNK ¿Ìѹ.LNK is an unidentified program that can be found in hidden temp folders of your PC. These unknown files come along with hacked codes, freeware downloads or just clicking any fake pop-up appearing on your browser. Once in, ¿Ìѹ.LNK destructive program may launches various malicious programs onto the target PC. This can broaden the loopholes of the PC in order to open the backdoor to intrude remote hackers access the system silently. While running in the background, ¿Ìѹ.LNK may download harmful contents or malware that can weaken the security and performance of the negotiated machine. ¿Ìѹ.LNK removal is very important.


How to Remove CIA Special Agent 767 virus and Unlock Windows PC

The CIA Special Agent 767 Overview

The CIA Special Agent 767 is a malicious program that is out in the blue as a threatening Trojan Horse. This malware programs actually the window’s desktop and displays a note as…

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! Unfortunately the files on this computer (documents, photos, videos) have been encrypter using an extremely secure and unbreakable algorithm.
This means that the files are now useless unless they are decrypted using a key.
The good news is that your files are not lost forever! This tool is able to rescue the files on your computer for you!

In 5 days however, the price of this service will increase to $250 USD, and after $500 USD. Payment is accepted in Bitcoin only. You can purchase Bitcoin very easily in your area by bank transfer, Western Union, or even cash. Visit to find a seller in your area. You can also goolge Bitcoin Exchanges to find other methods for buying Bitcoin Please check the current price of Bitcoin and ensure you are sending the correct amount before making your payment!
Visit for the current Bitcoin Price. After making your payment, please wait up to 24 hours for us to make your key available. Usually done in much less time however. IMPORTANT: Once the key is available and you click \”Decrypt Files\”, please wait and let the decryption process complete before closing this tool. This Process can take from 15 minutes to 2+ hours depending on how many files need to be decrypted. You will get a notification that the decryption process is complete, at which time you can click \”Exit\”. Removing this tool from your computer without first decrypting your files will cause your files to be lost forever. Bitcoin Address: (edited)

*Please note that early bird qualification is determined from the date that this tool was first run as recorded on our servers.

The CIA Special Agent 767 encrypts files of the target PC and demands a ransom of $100 to be paid in bitcoins in order to recover them.

The CIA Special Agent 767 is disseminated through several illegal sources like email attachments, visiting malicious websites, or exploit kits that takes the advantage of vulnerabilities of the PC to get installed.

Once installed, The CIA Special Agent 767 replaces the desktop wallpaper to its ransom page pretending to from the CIA which is particularly designed to trick and scare users and paying illegally.

Remove CIA Special Agent 767 virus

The victims are given a time period of 5 days to pay the ransom of $100 in bitcoins as the recovery fees. Also, The CIA Special Agent 767 ransomware threat states that after the ransom amount is paid and the payment process is verified, your files will be unlocked.

But before you agree to pay, you must know that The CIA Special Agent 767 malware is not going to delete or encrypt any of your files.  It is just a scam and a fatal virus that can be removed using effective removal tool.


How to Remove c:WindowsTempirluqkns.dll program from PC

C:WindowsTempirluqkns.dll Overview

C:WindowsTempirluqkns.dll “C:WindowsTempirluqkns.dll” is an infective program that hides within the window’s program and carries malicious tasks. Due to the presence of C:WindowsTempirluqkns.dll your applications will take longer time to launch up and sometimes may freezes up in the middle. This program is basically designed to take the advantage of the system resources and load up nasty programs and applications it to help third party distribute PUPs. C:WindowsTempirluqkns.dll could also damage Windows Internet Security services and slow down the PC performance too. Once installed C:WindowsTempirluqkns.dll hijacks browsers and steal your personal information and distributing to the global cyber criminals. C:WindowsTempirluqkns.dll should be removed straight away to make the computer safe and secure.


How to Uninstall Driver Updater Plus from PC

Can’t block Driver Updater Plus from appearing all over your browsers? Don’t worry this page contains full information about Driver Updater Plus and how to delete it manually as well as automatically from the infected browsers.

What is Driver Updater Plus?

“Driver Updater Plus” is a rogue application that claims to be useful for downloading or updating drivers. But rather it redirects user to unknown pages and urges you purchase is full version. Driver Updater Plus also alerts users to take assistance with their 24*7 support hotline number : (844) 944-0918.

Driver Updater Plus

Driver Updater Plus turned out to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) that always shows up nasty updates fetching from its main server and also keep on updating its tools and services which takes lots of system resources and space. Along with that, Driver Updater Plus uses tracking codes to read user’s web records and important surfing habits to aid other advertisers push numerous marketing schemes. Thus, you need an effective removal tool that can scan through the internal drives and locate all components of Driver Updater Plus rogueware and securely delete them without affecting the other ones.





How to Remove redirect pop-up(“ Uninstall Windows PC Repair”) Overview

“” is a typical redirect web domain that shows fake security alerts and push users to install rogue security programs one such like “Windows PC Repair”. Usually, it looks legitimate security tool that permits users to get all the particular junk records, unwanted toolbars and also other potentially unwanted programs together with one click and remove them permanently.

But you will end up surprised, how any kind of program getting such features can be quite a threat on your computer? Nevertheless, the answer is extremely clear, the creators of this kind of programs get them to appear to be very genuine and practical program so that the users might not exactly recognize it as a rogue-ware. It is a common technique among freeware marketers that cheat users simply by offering their products for cost-free and in lure of that bundle different harmful software codes deceptively to earn income. may ask to register its full version software program but do not accept that. Quickly download automatic fake anti-virus removal tool.



How to Remove ADP.ALEXA.51 malware virus

ADP.ALEXA.51 Overview

ADP.ALEXA.51ADP.ALEXA.51 is identified as a destructive program that launches various malicious programs onto the target PC. This Trojan is programmed to broaden the loopholes of the PC in order to open the backdoor to intrude remote hackers access the system silently. While running in the background, ADP.ALEXA.51 may download harmful contents or malware that can weaken the security and performance of the negotiated machine. On being installed, ADP.ALEXA.51 injects its codes to the windows process named as “svchost.exe” through which it can itself as the system reboots. ADP.ALEXA.51 removal is very important.


How to get rid of fake pop-up warnings from ‘Windows Activation Pro’ Pop-Ups

What is ‘Windows Activation Pro’ warnings message?

‘Windows Activation Pro’ is a tricky and scamming program that has the only motive to steal your personal data. You might have seen ‘Windows Activation Pro’ pop-up appearing upon your desktop as well as browser while doing any kind of task. The pop-up message by ‘Windows Activation Pro’ is something like this:

Windows Activation Pro
Product Key Customer Support:

Your computer is suspected of malicious software, for the purpose of verification enter your Windows Activation Pro. You will find your product key on the box that Windows Dvd came in or in the welcome email or on the certificate of authenticity stick.
It looks similar to this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Although, this message might look legitimate but you should not trust on them. It will ask your window’s licence key for some verification process. You should aware of the fact that it is nowhere related to Microsoft and they will never ask you for your licence key like such tricky approaches. ‘Windows Activation Pro’ also provides you with a phone number but avoid calling on them. Windows Activation Pro’ pop-ups must be removed as soon as possible with the help of effective anti-malware tool.

Effects of ‘Windows Activation Pro’ pop-up virus

  • It can disable the security of the attacked Pc making it vulnerable for outside threats.
  • It will push other third party extensions and add-ons program that makes the browser slow and sluggish
  • It will not allow to do any kind of task on your PC until you act on its pop-ups.
  • It can allow hacker to steal your important data without being noticed.

What you can do to end ‘Windows Activation Pro’ pop-ups

  1. Click on the “cmd” button which you can see in the ‘Windows Activation Pro’ pop-up screen. This will open command prompt window.
  2. In the command prompt window, You need to type “taskmgr” and press “Enter”. Once you will press enter Task manager window will open.
  3. Task manager window will show the list of processes running on your PC. You need to select
    Productkeyupdate.exe” and click on “End Process”.
  4. Now close the Task manger window and again come back to command prompt window.
    In the command prompt window type “explorer” and press “Enter”.
  5. In the search bar copy and paste the given address “C:\Program Files (x86)\Productkeyupdate”.
  6. Right click on the “Productkeyupdate(.exe) and click on delete.”
  7. Now again close the explorer window and once again in the command prompt window type “shutdown -r” and press enter.
  8. A prompt window will appear “Windows will shut down within the next minute.” Click on close.cmd
  9. Now Reboot your PC and download the Spyhunter Anti-spyware tool to ensure the complete removal and detect and remove all registry entries associated with ‘Windows Activation Pro’ pop-up virus
    and repair the damages of the PC.

SpyHunter 4 Features

Spyhunter 4 Compact OS allows your computer system to boot without windows so removal of malware and other stubborn infections may be easy.
Spyhunter System Guards will identify and block any malicious processes in real-time. Besides it allow to take full control of all processes that run on your computer.Scanning-SpyHunter

Spyhunter Scan

The brand new advantage of the software is this feature providing the list of even the most malicious malware. After a complete and advanced system scan is conducted, the user can quickly have all system threats removed – even the ones which were not found by other anti-spyware programs.Spyware-HelpDesk

It is important to emphasize that the systems having Spyhunter installed are protected from all types of existing malware. The program traces and completely deletes adware, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and other threats including trojans and worms. None of the malware is now able to steal your personal data and use it against you.


How to Remove JS/FBspam malware

Threat Summary of JS/FBspam

JS/FBspam“JS/FBspam” is a malicious program that is detected as a malware having capability to breach the security loopholes to enter inside. This type of malware have the potential to replicate themselves and infect other files and programs on the attacked PC. JS/FBspam can corrupt hard disk space and consume all free memory that slows down or completely breaks down your PC. JS/FBspam can also steal personal information, take the control over the browser and send spam emails to your contacts to spread itself to other users. Beware for any spam attachment on your mailbox or instant message as this can contain program code for JS/FBspam.



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