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Drive.bat Trojan Virus. How To Remove?

Drive.bat Overview

Drive.bat is detected as a destructive trojan threat that aims to compromise system’s security and hamper its performance. This dangerous trojan horse is capable to mess up computer settings like windows registry entries, task manager, installed applications and firewall.
Drive.bat virus is not new, but is prevailing since many years by taking the advantage of malicious downloads of file, clicking on infected ad-links, opening spam mail attachments and freeware installation. Once successfully installed, Drive.bat virus targets other external devices on the PC like external hard drives, Flash drives, SD cards and so on. It then infects the files stored on the device and the infected files are replaced by shortcuts. These files are no more exist in readable state making it useless. The files tampered are not deleted but actually exist in a form of unreadable state. Drive.bat Trojan virus further spreads to other computer system and negotiates the entire computer system till it is present. It is recommended to quickly remove this virus with effective anti-malware program. Also you can recover your data from USB/Pen drive or other external media device through reputed software program.


Remove Trojan.JackServn virus from PC

Trojan.JackServn Overview

Trojan.JackServn is detected as a severe threat for the PC users. This detrimental trojan program might hamper the system performance and uses the system resources for carrying out illegal activities. It can attack any version of Windows OS and keeps its identity hidden on the host machine. This trojan takes the advantage of freeware downloads, fake software update links, network loopholes and infected media sharing to get install inside the computer system. And once dropped, it attempts to download malicious files from open network connection and execute them on the target computer system.

On being installed, Trojan.JackServn copies itself within the Windows system folder to ensure its execution each time windows PC is started. It connects to remote server and transfers the control of the PC to hackers sitting on a remote server. Hence, your system resources can be misused for illegal purposes without your consent. Trojan.JackServn can be a severe threat for the attacked PC.

The manual removal of Trojan.JackServn is not recommended, thus victims needs to download the powerful detection tool to get rid of this threat completely out from the PC.


COM surrogate Virus Removal Guide

COM surrogate Overview

COM surrogate is an infective process that imitates the name of genuine Windows OS process named as “Component Object Model”. More precisely, you can see this process running under task manager by the name “dllhost.exe”. This file is actually a legitimate core file that is necessary for creating the interface of COM objects in Windows OS. But many cyber offenders use the name of this genuine process to disguise the malicious version of this process. This malicious process is often detected as a Trojan Horse. Users may face various issues on the computer as it keeps running within the task manager and execute malicious tasks. The COM surrogate fake version process can be used by cyber criminals to steal confidential data, drop other threats, establishes remote connections and hampers other running applications.

Users may not understand that COM surrogate is safe or not. Well, the answer to this question is clear that it is a safe process and thus removing this process manually could hamper the window’s functionality and you could start getting errors. So, it is recommended to quickly run a powerful scan to your infected system, that will detect any threat by COM surrogate name and remove it without damaging other applications.


Remove Relieve Stress Paint Trojan(Facebook data stealing)

Relieve Stress Paint Overview

Relieve Stress Paint is found to be a malicious program that pretends itself to be entertaining as it provides anti-stress paintings for kids and adults. Although, this tool comes free of cost and can attract users due to its interesting concept. But Relieve Stress Paint may cost your online privacy as its primary aim is to steal data of Facebook users and their personal identifiable information. Such data can lead to identity frauds and are used for other misleading actions.

Relieve Stress Paint program is also detected as a harmful Trojan Horse program that is being distributed through fake download links on hacked websites like This website might appear to be legitimate but actually promotes the installation of Relieve Stress Paint malware.

The promotional advertisement presented by the appears as:
Relieve Stress Paint. Download, It’s free. Relieve fatigue, long-term work pressure! Improve your work needs for your brain; it’s the most important! Inspirational ideas. Music production, graphics production, documentation! When these lose their inspiration, open it and move around.

Once user downloads the program considering it be useful, but are unaware of the fact that they are inviting data stealing trojan threat that will ruin their entire privacy.

After Relieve Stress Paint program is successfully installed, it connects to the Facebook account of the users within the background and attempts to collect as much data as it can. All your Facebook details like login credentials, searched keywords, location, about data and also track cookies to collect all your sessions. Users may also notice non-stop redirects to unknown websites that contains lots of advertisements. Thus, users must be careful while downloading Relieve Stress Paint malware and if somehow got installed then, quickly follow the removal guide. Also see the guidelines to be stay safe on Facebook.


What is GravityRAT Trojan and its Removal Instructions

GravityRAT Overview

GravityRAT is a new Remote Access Trojan horse threat that has been reported by the security researchers. This Trojan program stealthily infiltrates to the target system and does a series of malicious actions. While remaining undetected by the users, it aims to allow the control the attacked system or device remotely by the cyber-criminals.
GravityRAT malware could enter through spam email attachments to appears to be legitimate but actually contains the link to download this malicious program onto the victims PC. Other sources may also include fake program updates, downloading files from infected websites and many such.
Once downloaded, GravityRAT modifies Windows Registry Editor by adding Run and RunOnce registry sub-keys entries. This enables the program to start automatically each time Windows in order to make it’s malicious modules launch automatically starts. It further locates the installed or active anti-virus program and firewall to shut it off and remain undetected. After that, the malware establishes remote connection to download and run various types of files like setup.exe, patch.exe, svchost.exe, notepad.exe, software-update.exe and many others within the targeted folders. Similar to NETWIRE RAT malware detected previously, GravityRAT then does a number of harmful activities, some of them are as follows:

  • Stealing private data by recording the keystrokes.
  • Creating copies of itself to distinct folder to escape anti-virus detection cleverly.
  • Download malicious files and program to run them on the computer system.
  • Replaces the legitimate program files to the infected copies of it.
  • Make remote connection and allow cyber-criminals to access the system. Copy text from your documents.
  • Delete important system files and damage other Windows components.
  • Degrade system performance and infect other any other external media devices like Eject flash drives, eject CD/DVD drives, etc.

The manual removal of GravityRAT is not recommended, thus victims needs to download the powerful detection tool to get rid of this threat completely out from the PC.


Remove Win32:Kryptik trojan virus

Win32:Kryptik Overview

Win32:Kryptik is a destructive trojan horse that is clever at hiding its existence on the attacked PC and execute number of malicious tasks. The trojan attacks through malicious file downloads, infected media devices, spam mail attachments and freeware downloads from unknown sites. This trojan program is designed to steal data of individuals and send them to remote servers for illegal purposes.
Win32:Kryptik can be found with varies other names like: Win32:Kryptik, Win32/Kryptik.BGIS, Win32:Kryptik -LSG [trj], Win32:Kryptik-FOR, TR/PSW.Zbot.AM.17741, Trojan.GenericKD.1130356, Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot.nsfm, PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AM, etc.

Once getting inside, Win32:Kryptik will modify registry entries to launch its process with the every system reboot. While the threat becomes active on the targeted PC, user may notice various strange behaviors like:

  • Negotiating PC resources for running other malicious programs.
  • Establishes network connection to remotely control the PC;
  • Attempts to take control over the browsers and redirects to annoying pages.
  • Consumes CPU memory for other illegitimate programs;
  • Degrades the PC performance, makes the browser crash down and slow;
  • Opens the backdoor for remote servers to allow access to hackers;
  • Steals private data and transfer it to cyber-criminals using C&C server.

The manual removal of Win32:Kryptik is not recommended, as it modifies registry settings and anything could go wrong may hamper your PC. Thus, victims needs to download the powerful detection tool to get rid of this threat completely out from the PC.


Remove Trojan.Spy.(s)AINT virus

Trojan.Spy.(s)AINT Overview

Trojan.Spy.(s)AINT is risky program that is used to spy around user’s activities and steal important data. This is a variant of Trojan.SPY that tries to download malicious files from open network connection. Then executes them on the target computer system. Trojan.Spy.(s)AINT may attack on the network loopholes to get install inside the computer system. On being installed, it copies itself within the Windows system folder. So as to ensure its execution each time windows is started. Trojan.Spy.(s)AINT transfers the control of the PC to hackers sitting on a remote server.

The manual removal of Trojan.Spy.(s)AINT is not recommended, thus victims needs to download the powerful detection tool to get rid of this threat completely out from the PC.


Remove XSETUP.exe trojan threat virus

XSETUP.exe Overview

XSETUP.exe is a new Trojan Horse threat that has been detected recently by the malware experts. This notorious program appears suddenly upon the browser stating:

The website(xyz)wants to:
Show Notifications.
Allow/ Block

If user click on the “Allow” button, then the program gets installed on the computer system. And once installed, the program adds registry key entries to launch automatically. Additionally, it modifies browser settings to carry out malicious tasks like redirecting users to third-party domains recommending fake downloads, purchases and advertisements. XSETUP.exe delivers non-stop advertisements, pop-ups and links which could be harmful. When user clicks on such links then the program could record all the data and share them with third-party. Thus, if you have got XSETUP.exe malicious program installed on your PC, then you should quickly opt for powerful removal solution.


Trojan.CyberGate.A Virus(How to Remove)

Trojan.CyberGate.A Overview

Trojan.CyberGate.A is detected as CyberGate Remote Access Trojan. This is a severe risky program that is used by cyber criminals to remotely take control over the targeted computer system. The features of the program is similar to one like TeamViewer that is used for providing technical assistance remotely and for official purposes. But CyberGate RAT use this feature for illegal benefits. There are various platform that provide free code to build the program for Trojan.CyberGate.A such as Website[.]cybergate-rat[.]org and Sinister[.]ly.

Trojan.CyberGate.A is distributed through fake PDF files, images or just any document file which are deployed on unverified websites and other sources. When user click on the link associated with them, then the code is executed to connect to the server of CyberGate. Trojan.CyberGate.A modifies windows registry and runs with the system boot. Additionally, the threat may take the name of ‘svchost.exe’ file that is a genuine file for windows and is necessary for running other applications. Thus, it is easily hide its identity and confuse active anti-malware programs.
Computer users who have detected Trojan.CyberGate.A on their PC might notice some icons missing on their desktop and other legitimate applications like installed AV program could fail to respond correctly. Thus, users should avoid clicking or downloading any files from unknown sites and quickly run an effective anti-malware tool to detect and remove Trojan.CyberGate.A from the PC.


Remove W97M.Eplose virus from PC

W97M.Eplose Overview

W97M.Eplose is a trojan threat that is programmed to download other threats like malware, adware and spyware onto the PC. This happens without the consent of users as such Trojan programs modifies various crucial settings of the PC. W97M.Eplose also adds other payloads to the PC such as establishing connection with the remote hackers and send information to them.

Along with that, it throws scary alarms to present fake scan reports and encourage users to purchase rogue security tools which are indeed another threats. If your antivirus has detected W97M.Eplose on your PC then you must stop it before it causes more issues.


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