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All you want to know about Exploit:JS/CVE-2012-4792 vulnerability on Internet Explorer

To understand the Exploit:JS/CVE-2012-4792 vulnrability you need to know what is Exploit and how it exploits the vulnerability and cause destructive actions.

What is an exploit?

Exploit are actually program code crafty maliciously that takes the advantage of weaknesses (or vulnerabilities) in any legitimate software to intrude inside the proposed PC. A project called “Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures” (CVE) gives each vulnerability a unique number. So in case of Exploit:JS/CVE-2012-4792, “CVE-2012-4792” is the number assigned to the vulnerability.

Exploit:JS/CVE-2012-4792 in context

Exploit:JS/CVE-2012-4792 uses spitefully crafted or programmed JavaScript code to exploit the vulnerability of Internet Explorer. It can get inside your PC when you pay a visit to hacked or malicious website with the vulnerable version of Internet Explorer.

The following Internet Explorer versions are vulnerable:
• Internet Explorer 6
• Internet Explorer 7
• Internet Explorer 8
Exploit:JS/CVE-2012-4792 vulnerability has been used in watering-hole attack scenarios in the past. It has been deployed in Exploit Kits before, but has been outdated since 2013.

If your antivirus has alerted you about Exploit:JS/CVE-2012-4792 then,
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Preventive Tip:

It is very important to keep your software programs up to date and updated should be from verified sources.
• Keep your firewall enabled and configure advanced settings of the browsers.

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