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Good News For Business-Microsoft to Add “File Restore” Feature

The news of arrival of the new “File Restore” feature is rolling out to cope up with Ransomware attacks, data corruption and lost.

Microsoft is going to introduce a new feature to OneDrive for Business that will allow users to restore the entire OneDrive account to a previous version. At times, businesses or organisation face such issues of data deletion, corrupted or attacked by any malware. In this case they are put in huge losses and work is hindered. So to put an end to these issues, “File Restore” feature will help you recover your files and folders within the last 30 days of time period.

How Soon you can expect to Use this feature

File Restore feature is coming soon, as the news surfaced this weekend at the presentation of SharePoint Saturday conference held in San Diego, revealed the feature completion is expected by end of January, and is scheduled to be arriving within mid-February.

OneDrive for Business to Get "Files Restore" feature
However, Microsoft was planning to present this feature in its yearly Microsoft Ignite developer conference. By the end of September 2017, a screenshot of “File Restore” interface was released. And was scheduled to be arrived by December 2017, but was not completed in time.
More details about how you can how this feature will be revealed within the following weeks.

How “File Restore” will help Business

There are various scenarios where this Files Restore OneDrive feature can be useful. This feature will not only allow you recover your deleted files but would help restore the entire version of OneDrive account to a specific time period. As ransomware is affecting more and more Businesses and organizations, this can work as a powerful tool and prevent you to pay the ransom and easily restore your important files. (Read about the latest Ransomware attack in a Regional Hospital in Indiana that cost $55k to pay as ransom).However, this feature is not included within the free versions of OneDrive that comes within the Windows 10 operating system.

Difference between “Version History” and “Files Restore” feature of OneDrive

Users must think it like the version History which is already there, but this is different feature. As version history only allows users to get back the previous versions of the files that might have been corrupted or somehow deleted. But Files Restore will help users to roll back entire OneDrive account. And recover all files and folders to a previous date and time. One main point is that to use this feature your “version history” feature should be turned on, otherwise the File Restore will not work.

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