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What is Ransomware-Trending Ransomware virus

In the growing need of internet for various purposes, it is very important to know the correct ways to having a secure surfing that prevent cyber-attacks. Last year 2015 has got an increasing record for Ransomware threats and it is still growing in number with distinct names and versions. The reason behind this is the unexperienced and concerned users who agrees to pay the ransom to get their locked files back. But there is not a single user who have got their money back after paying the ransom. Security Experts always advice not to pay any ransom to these cyber-criminals.
Thus we have collected the some trending Ransomware threats so as to aware users before such thing could attack and if accidentally Ransomware had attacked your PC then what are the relevant steps you can take to secure your money and data too.

What is Ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious program that scans through the attacked PC and encrypt the files or sometimes even stops your from accessing your PC. They display a ransom note stating that “Your Files have encrypted” Read the HOW TO RECOVER FILE INSTRUCTIONS. Remember, the sole intention of Ransomware is to encrypt files so as to demand money from users.

Trending Ransomware


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