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APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC

APOencryptionAPO Encryption Standard Edition for PC software Review

APO stands for “Authorized Personnel Only” Encryption provides very strong protection against all the imminent online threats prevailing around. This is also helpful in business perspective as the user can protect their client’s sensitive data. APO Encryption uses advanced AES encryption technology to encrypt the data and encode them with secret key. The key is not just setting a secret password but it is especially designed set of codes that is free from all attacks.

“Protect your Data Today with APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC”


Name: APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC


Publisher: APO AOLencryption2

Compatible with: All window’s based OS

Download link: APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC

Features of APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC

  • APO is a user friendly software tool that can be easily used for home as well as business purpose.It works within the background to protect your all valuable data including private photos, videos, documents, financial account sheets and important project data. AOLencryption
  • FIPS 140-2 “certified encryption” that is used by US military for their “Top Secret” documents. So you can be rest assured about your client data being fully protected.
  • Even if your computer is hacked or attacked by any threat, your files and documents will be fully protected if it is in a secure environment of AOL encryption. AOlencryption3
  • APO encryption provides you customized and automated system that allows you to choose the level of security that is right for your working environment. You can automate the entire process, or, if you require additional security, you can require the computer user to take one or more additional steps that are designed to enhance your PC’s security.


Has Your Computer Been Stolen? With APO It Can’t Be Read Without Your Authorization…

Even if your computer is lost, stolen or hacked, you can rest assured that the data on that computer can’t be read.

                                                             There is lots more for you!!!

  • Built-in password manager: AOL encryption provides inbuilt password manager for keeping all your Usernames, Passwords, ID numbers and contacts.
  • AES 256-bit encryption: This is the same type of encryption used by the US Military for keeping Top Secret documents safe.
  • Portability of files: Unlike other encryption programs, with APO you’re able to encrypt your documents on one computer and decrypt them on another computer.
  • Key creation: APO allows you to create as many unique encryption keys as you need for the total security of your data.

Register your account today for APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC. Don’t delay because it is matter of securing your most crucial, private and business data.



Updated: February 23, 2016 — 2:05 pm

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