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Software Review-“Hidden Toolbox”


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As the online scams and malware attacks are growing, it could happen that your important passwords, login credentials, social contacts and other such private data could be shared publicly. Hidden Toolbox is one such software designed purposely to have secure browsing sessions. With this software running user could ensure full browsing safety and privacy.

Why we are recommending Hidden Toolbor you will understand in just few listings.

Features of Hidden Toolbox

Secret Web Browser– Browse the web in secrecy without leaving a trace of passwords and a built-in pop-up blocker that gives you a hassle free browsing.safebrowser_hiddentoolbar
Virtual Keyboard-Virtual keyboard ensures key loggers can’t log your password.virtual_keyboad_hiddentoolbar
Import files into secret environment– It gives you a platform to keep your confidential files hidden which only you can access by generating a Secret key which is 256 Bit SSL encryption service.importfiles_hiddentoolbar
File Organizer-keep your file organised by adding categories, tags and notes.fileorganize_hiddentoolbar
Secret Media Player-Play all sorts of media files in threater screen mode.media_player_hiddentoolbar
Video Bookmarks-Import/Export favorite video and bookmark them.bookmark_hiddentoolbar
Search/Files scanner-Scan the hard drives so as to locate the files you want to protect.searchscanner_hiddentoolabr
And above all the most important feature of Hidden Toolbox is No worries of Adware or Spyware attacks.

Conclusion: The overall review is that Hidden Toolbox is a user friendly application that ensures safe browsing including various other important features which you might not get in all Browser protection tools.


Updated: February 21, 2016 — 2:13 pm

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