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How to Protect Personal and client’s data from Ransomware

APOencryptionAPO Encryption Standard Edition for PC software Review

APO stands for “Authorized Personnel Only” Encryption provides very strong protection against all the imminent online threats prevailing around. This is also helpful in business perspective as the user can protect their client’s sensitive data. APO Encryption uses advanced AES encryption technology to encrypt the data and encode them with secret key. The key is not just setting a secret password but it is especially designed set of codes that is free from all attacks.

“Protect your Data Today with APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC”


Name: APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC


Publisher: APO

Compatible with: All window’s based OS

Download link: APO Encryption Standard Edition for PC

Beware!!! Locky Ransomware is attacking at an alarming rate globally

Locky RansomwareA new Crypto-malware threat is spreading vigorously around the globe. Locky Ransomware is an aggressive cryptolocker that has already infected thousands of computers. This crypto-locker spreads via legitimate looking email in the form of invoice word document macro. Locky Ransomware encrypts victim’s files and demands a payment in form of bitcoins for the decryption key. If the infected word document is opened, then the malware will start activating the macro to install Locky virus. Once installed, it will scan for the network drives and encrypts the files, images, music, video and so on.

locky-virus-ransomware-messageIf your Pc is already infected with Locky Ransomware then avoid paying any money to them and quickly download the scanner.

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If you are worrying about the files corrupted by Locky Ransomware then, don’t worry. Just grab the Data Recovery Tool to recover your files as soon as possible. Do not Delay any more…

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To prevent from further attacks users must keep their data secure by using cloud backup.


Important: we have not discussed the manual removal solution for Locky Ransomware, because it is dreadful malware and any mistake would make you lose your PC and entire data too..If you still wan to try Manual Removal Solution then follow the link. Manual Removal Guide for Locky Ransomware
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