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Tag: Avoid being redirected to “Congratulations Amazon User” webpage

Remove the “Congratulations Amazon User” Web Page

“Congratulations Amazon User” Overview

The “Congratulations Amazon User” web page appears through any malicious redirect page. The page displays a pop-up stating that the user have won a prize from Amazon. For claiming the prize user need to spin the wheel and get the selected prize. Once the user spins the wheel to get the prize, it will again prompt that users as to perform a survey and get the reward.

Remove the Congratulations Amazon User Web Page


The survey could ask you to feed your personal details along with various other info about your browsing, shopping, and many such. These data are collected and then send to third-party server for marketing campaigns. The “Congratulations Amazon User” web page is just a scam to gather your information in a clever manner. Your data could be misused for illicit purposes. The reason you are getting such pop-ups is your browser being infected with some potentially unwanted program that forces the browser to redirect to such malicious websites. It is advised that users must not believe in such tricks and avoid providing your details to unknown ones. Quickly follow the removal guide for “Congratulations Amazon User” scam pop-ups.


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