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Tag: Avoid being redirected to webpage

How to Remove redirect pop-up Overview is a redirect webpage that misleads users showing attractive pop-up like winning jackpot prize, today’s lucky visitor or so. Users may find these to be exciting and get quickly lured by it. But they are unaware of the fact that this is a trick to fool users.

How to remove like pages are designed to appear legit but they are extremely misleading as it asks users to go for any survey or questionnaire to claim the reward. The main aim behind this is to grab user’s personal details, their interests and other browsing habits and send those info to third-party for illegal benefits. Your browser redirects to URL mostly when the browser is controlled by any Adware or user unknowingly visit any malicious website. Clicking on its provided links could expose the PC with additional online threats. Quickly locate all Adware and PUPs from the PC and end being redirected to


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