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Tag: Avoid being redirected to webpage

Remove redirect pop-ups Overview redirects and pop-ups happens when the browser is certainly infected with some sort of Adware or PUP. however, these pop-ups tends be exciting as they claim to offer attractive prizes like iphone. In order to claim the reward, user need to perform small activity like go for a short survey, spin a wheel or so.

But as users clicks on its links, will further redirect to third party pages showing enormous advertising contents to draw traffic on its sponsored sites and earn commission. Also, performing surveys could on this webpage could risk your private information. This is a clever trick to gather user’s private details like email, bank account details and many more. pop-ups is a result of incautious browsing like visiting nasty sites and downloading freeware and shareware programs.
These uncertain pop-ups could mess up your browser and sometimes freeze it completely. To put an end all these, you must remove pop-ups and ads from your PC.


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