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Tag: Avoid being redirected to webpage

How to Remove redirect pop-ups(Watch TV Now) Overview redirect pop-ups appears unexpectedly on your browser. The main motive of this redirect page is to encourage users to Add “Watch TV Now” extension to the chrome browser. Although, this extension comes free of cost and is claims to be an attractive way of web searching along with watching TV online right on their new tab. Despite having such useful features. It brings annoyances to users like changing most of the settings like default homepage, new tab and search engine without user’s permission. Users are advised not be install this extension as it shows various unusual traits on the browser like:

  • Read and change all the data of the websites visited by the user.
  • Redirects the requested webpage to unknown URLs.
  • Records surfing habits and browsing data.
  • Changes default new tab settings, manages apps, toolbars and themes of the attacked browser.
  • Manages the downloads.
  • Delivers numerous advertisements, pop-ups and sponsored links.


From the above facts, it is clear that “Watch TV Now” extension should not be welcomed. Also, clicking on pop-ups could further drop other potentially harmful programs, Adware or malicious codes to hamper its performance. Its presence will only harm your PC and nothing else. Quickly follow the removal guide to stop being redirected to and uninstall “Watch TV Now” extension from the browser.


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