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How to block 855 468 4037 tech scam pop-ups

Are you getting scary pop-ups from 855 468 4037 which says-“Detected Security Error. Due to Suspicious Activity Found On Your Computer. Contact Windows Certified Live Technicians 855 468 4037 (Toll-Free)” Or similar other alerts on your browser. In this case your computer is infected by Adware or PUP. Please don’t agree to call on this number, it is a big scam.

What is “855 468 4037” pop-ups

855 468 4037 is a tricky number that had been assigned by the cyber offenders to cheat users. You might be redirected to a page showing security warnings and pop-ups informing you about your PC being infected with virus. It further states to call immediately on 855 468 4037 to troubleshoot the issue.

Well, 855 468 4037 pop-ups are fake and usually appears while clicking on any suspicious ad-link or visiting any malicious web page. Once user click on such links, it may redirect to a questionable page that appears frequently on the new tab of the browser showing warnings and alerts. This webpage might also lock your screen restricting to perform any activity. 855 468 4037 pop-ups is just another tech scam programmed by cyber criminals with the same motive to scare users and earn money. Users are advised not to trust on those warnings as they are absolutely deceptive. Click on the automatic detection tool to locate PUPs and adware on your PC.


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