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Tag: block FF Protect AntiVir scam pop-ups on Firefox

Remove FF Protect AntiVir add-on from Firefox

FF Protect AntiVir Overview

FF Protect AntiVir is a dubious extension/add-on program for Firefox browser that is promoted by This extension is purposely designed to inject advertisements by loading up javaScript codes on the websites visited by the user. Thus, you may see variety of ads, affiliate links, banners and also some pop-up boxes labelled under “RocketTab powered by Advertise”. FF Protect AntiVir is just like FF Guarded Searching add-on that acts a platform to monetize the traffic of third-party websites and earn commission. But this extension is considered to be a risky one, as it fraudulently appears on the new tab of the browser and ask users to update their firefox version to have uninterrupted browsing. The page prompts user to feed their username and password and further recommends user to install FF Protect AntiVir add-on service.

It might be difficult for users to carry out with their tasks, as the redirect page opens frequently and force users to click on the Install button. This is just a deceptive means to promote any extension and users might be cautious before agreeing to install the same. If you have already installed FF Protect AntiVir extension, then you might notice plenty of advertisements while surfing. Well, this is just a scamming add-on program whose presence can put you in trouble. It should be removed from the infected browser as well as computer system permanently. For the complete removal of FF Protect AntiVir extension, you can follow the removal steps.



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