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Remove S-N-A 1.0.0 fake Firefox extension

S-N-A 1.0.0 Overview

S-N-A 1.0.0 is a suspicious add-on offered by that mainly appears on the Firefox browser. This add-on program is promoted through infected javascript code that runs on the after user has clicked on any malicious pop-up ads, visited pornographic website or downloaded any dubious crack from untrusted sources.
The pop-up on the redirect page:

Firefox requires a manual update
This update is required to ensure that you are protected on the Internet
Install now
* This update is required
* Protect yourself immediately on the internet
* Internet pages are automatically examined and possibly blocked
* Increased protection against malware and viruses

Once mounted on the browser S-N-A 1.0.0 add-on will modify various settings of the browser to take over the control of it. The extension is described as “Simple snake game with javascript”. But the main purpose of this malicious extension is to monetize various third-party sites by injecting variety of advertisements. You could also notice your new tab redirecting to unknown pages at the time of surfing.

remove S-N-A by
The worst thing of S-N-A 1.0.0 extension is that, it blocks the about:addons page of the infected browser by searching for background.js string in the URL and if found, it closes the tab. So that user may not be able to manually remove the extension or even resetting.
FF Protect AntiVir and FF Guarded Searching are the similar scam firefox extensions troubling users.



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