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A Fake version of MinerBlock Extension plays video within background

Security Alert!! A Fake version of MinerBlock Extension is out…

MinerBlock extension is a legitimate chrome browser extension that is used to block websites that mines cryptocurrency using the built in browser feature. The developer of MinerBlock extension is CryptoMineDev which can be download from chrome web store.

Legitimate MinerBlock Extension


But the security researchers have found a malicious version of the legitimate MinerBlock extension that causes troubles to the users. While the fake extension appears to be similar but it repeatedly keeps on playing videos within the background. The fake version is from egopastor2016 developer. User may get confused or accidentally may download the fake one as they both appear to be same but the main difference is the logo.

Fake MinerBlock Extension

However, the main goals of the fake version is not confirmed yet, but can be used to generate fake traffic by connecting to third-party URLs and playing the videos. Clicking on such videos or clicks could redirect users to linked pages that could download harmful contents on the computer system or device. The fake MinerBlock extension once mounted to the browser will connect to “” and fetch instructions to execute. The instructions could guide which site to connect and at which videos to be played. The played videos are from various Russian video sites. Playing videos constantly consumes 100% CPU power and when it finishes to counts to “0”.
So users, who had unknowingly downloaded the fake version of MinerBlock extension, should quickly choose to uninstall it.

How To Uninstall Fake MinerBlock Extension

For uninstalling you need to go to Chrome’s settings then choose Manage extensions and right-clicking on its icon and select remove.
Users are advised to be very careful while downloading any extension, as this has become a common trick to imitate legitimate programs and distribute over the web. We also recommend you to run a scan to your computer as it detect and remove any traces of malicious programs hidden inside as they could cause issues on your device.


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