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Remove BrowserWatch extension from Chrome browser

What is BrowserWatch?

BrowserWatch is an extension for chrome browser offered by This is marked as a potentially unwanted program as it does actions that annoys users like collecting surfing habits of users to place ads and pop-ups boxes appearing within the visited pages of the users. BrowserWatch extension is described as to be a functional and useful one that shows the current date and time by placing a small icon within the browser’s toolbar. When user click on the icon, it displays the data and time.
Apart from that, BrowserWatch is used to monetize traffic of sponsored sites by displays comparison of products within the pop-up boxes at the time of surfing. Upon clicking on the pop-ups users are connected to multiple sites and then finally land onto a specific website showing enourmous ads and contents out of the context of surfing. This could slow down the browser at also invite other potentially harmful program onto the PC.

Remove BrowserWatch Chrome Extension

BrowserWatch extension is usually promoted through ads just like that typically appear on the browser infected with any Adware. The ad will prompt user to Add BrowserWatch extension to their browser. However user should not do so and quickly remove other Adware or the BrowserWatch extension if installed by mistake.



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