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Amazon Gift card Scam:More and More Users are being cheated

Undoubtedly, Amazon is the leading e-commerce website that is continuing extending and advancing its technologies to provide best services to users. Thus, it is no wonder that users may want to leave a chance to grab any free coupon, gift card or discounts provided by Amazon. This is where the cyber criminals are taking advantage and cheat users.

They are many ways through which the cyber criminals may trap you and make fool of you to earn advantage of it. Usually, this happens while browsing when users are redirected to third-party web pages showing attractive banners, pop-ups and commercials that appear to be from Amazon. They deliver pop-ups cleverly to attract users by offering Amazon gift cards, gift vouchers, special offers, and prizes. Unfortunately, these are absolutely fake and is meant to serve their purposes of collecting user’s vital information through surveys, even they may ask you for your credit card/account details and clicking on its links could even drop any harmful program onto your computer devices.

These scams are delivered to users through many ways like:

  • Scamming websites,
  • Pop-up Ads,
  • Fake online Surveys,
  • Emails

While pop-ups, redirect web pages, surveys and ads attacks through browser at the time of visiting any ad-driven websites like gaming, online streaming pages, casino, adult and dating sites. They may titled as “Congratulations! You won the Amazon Gift Card”, to claim this you need to take on a quick survey, special offer for Amazon users and Congratulations Amazon User. Another way, is delivering fake invoices from Amazon that appears in your inbox.

Whatever it may be, it is the main intention behind this approach is to collect users data including credit card details that may often lead to frauds. Also, if you receive any such emails then, do not quickly click on them or carry out any surveys as such things encourages cyber hookers to take advantage and do harmful conducts.

Here are few screenshots of the Amazon Gift card Scam:

Whenever you encounter any such pop-ups or phishing emails, then please ignore them and mark them as spam. And never be in too hurry or exciting to get such offers or prizes. As such things leads to various fraud cases.

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