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Tag: Delete browser hijacker

How to Remove hijacker Overview is advertised as a convincible search helper. As it allows users to surf efficiently and according to their wish. But you may not find this search extension as useful as presented. Because, is deployed as an ad-supported extension that sends user’s searched queries to third-party sites. This force the browser to redirect various to sponsored pages to gain traffic for their sites and earn revenue.
Whenever, you start surfing using you will notice lots of fake advertisements and sponsored links which will keep you interrupting. This typical browser extension is installed along with other downloads or visiting unsafe sites. Once installed, will silently configure system settings like manages search engine, default homepage and DNS address. This increases the chance for unknown web entities to intrude inside the browser and place harmful contents within. Your privacy as well as your personal information might be revealed. Thus, it is strictly advised to uninstall hijacker from browsers.



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