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How to Recover Deleted data from Pen Drive(Both using cmd and Recovery Software)

Pen drives are our small backup device that often help us to carry, store, transfer and access our important documents, photos, videos and any other files. But what will happen, if the data got accidently deleted or corrupted or infected by virus?
It comes as a shock to us….But now you don’t have to worry, because here we are going to teach you how you can get back your deleted files from pen drives. The recovery methods provided here works in cases of data deletion, lost, inaccessible due to any error or virus infection.

What you first need to do is, connect your Pen drive to the computer/laptop. In case the pen drive is corrupted or computer is not able to access it-”it will prompt you to format the Pen drive” or other similar warnings.

Once you connect the device, we recommend you to first scan it with Anti-virus program. Because if it infected, then it can further spread the infection to your computer/laptop.
If you don’t have any active anti-virus program, then click here to download and scan the Pen drive.

Manual Method:Pen Drive Data Recovery Using CMD

After scanning your pen drive, follow the below steps to recover deleted files using CMD. This method works when the pen drive is corrupted.

  1. Connect the Pen drive to the PC which you want to recover.
  2. Now click on the Start button on the bottom-left corner of the desktop screen and then right click.
  3. Click Command Prompt (Admin) in windows of earlier version for win 10 and above you will see “windows Powershell(Admin)”. Then the “CMD” will open.
  4. Type the drive in which the pen drive is connected like letter, E.g. > F: , and press Enter.
  5. Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, press Enter. Do not quickly close the window or do any other thing, just wait for few seconds.
  6. Now, check the pen drive see whether the files have been restored.

If this manual solution has not helped you to recover the files, then we have the automatic recovery solution for you. This will help you to recover any of your files like documents, photos, videos and any other.

Automatic Solution: Recover data from Pen Drive using “Card Data Recovery” software

Card Data Recovery software is a complete suite in one to recover your lost/corrupted/infected data from the pen drive. It works on all the versions of all windows OS.

      1. Plug the Pen Drive into your computer using a USB cable;
      2. Download Card Data Recovery and install it on your computer. And launch this pen drive data recovery software.

        Free Download Card Data Recovery

      3. Click “Start” on the home interface.connect-your-Pen Drive
      4. Select your Pen Drive; Select Standard Mode and then tick file types, or select Advanced Mode and then tick file formats. Click “Scan”.Select Standard Mode
      5. Select the files you need to recover and click “Recover“. Save the recovered files on your computer, instead of pen drive. Before recovery, you are allowed to preview photos and audios in advance.recover-data-from-card

Following these steps will help you recover your files from any corrupted or infected Pen Drive.

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