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Remove FacexWorm cryptominer from Chrome browser

FacexWorm Malware-exploits Facebook Messenger to spread its infection

FacexWorm is a harmful Trojan threat that is out in the wild and is mainly targeting facebook users. The threat is being distributed through malicious links appearing within the facebook messenger. The link redirects users to a fake website imitating the theme of YouTube and offers to install Chrome extension that actually contains the infectious javaScript code of FacexWorm.

Once the malware gets inside the targeted system, it injects mining codes to the websites visited by the users, so as to silently mine the crypto-currency like Bitcoin or Monero. Along with that, FacexWorm malware is also capable of stealing logins and passwords of e-wallets, hijack the browser and redirect to scam websites and make use of the infected system to further spread its payloads.
FacexWorm is mainly targeting Chrome users through facebook messenger scamming links but other browser can also be affected by random redirections and non-stop ads. Thus, users are advised not to open any suspicious link on their messenger and they you are already infected then, quickly opt for complete removal solution.


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