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Tag: Get rid of alerts from Microsoft Securoty Essentials program

Remove Microsoft Securoty Essentials (Fake Anti-virus)

What is Microsoft Securoty Essentials?

If you are seeing Microsoft Securoty Essentials program on your computer, then you must read this article.

A fake version of Microsoft Security Essentials has been out and is being distributed through freeware downloads. This program appears as a legit antivirus program by using the name of “Microsoft Security Essentials”, but is absolutely fake.

Microsoft Securoty Essentials is detected as a potentially unwanted program that is meant to cheat users by showing fake reports of the PC. The report claims the the PC is severely infected by malware and users are advised to immediately remove the viruses. Once user click on “ok”, they are redirected to third-party websites that may install other harmful programs on the compromised PC.

Remove Microsoft Securoty Essentials

Microsoft Securoty Essentials is itself as malicious program that executes harmful tasks on the attacked PC and make it vulnerable for additional threats online. It may also urge users to purchase any rogue security program in order to completely free the PC from viruses.

But users must not believe on such warnings as they are absolutely fake. Microsoft Securoty Essentials is nothing more than a risky stuff that users must remove from the computer before it’s too late. Quickly go for automatic Microsoft Securoty Essentials adware removal.



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