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Tag: Get rid of alerts from Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012 miner Trojan program

Remove Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012 virus

Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012 Overview

Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012 is a severe risky Trojan threat that is detected as a password stealer. This threat being used by cyber criminals to steal records sensitive data from the compromised computer devices without the knowledge of owners. Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012 is being distributed through comments posted in the YouTube videos as malicious links. If the user accidently clicks the link, then the threat could get inside the targeted system. Once getting inside, Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012 hijacks the browser to collect data stored in the form cookies within the browsers. It collects all the crucial data like logins and passwords of the users.
The threat may also copy the files located within the desktop of the following extensions .bak, .db, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .sql, .sqlite, .sqlite3, .txt, .xls, and .xml. The recorded data are stored as a zip file named as and kept within a folder named with random characters. Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012 sends the data to the remote server through command and control server and then the cyber criminal behind it access those data and use them for illegal tasks.
Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012 must be removed quickly from the PC.


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