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Tag: Get rid of alerts from Trojan:BAT/Poweliks.A program

Remove Trojan:BAT/Poweliks.A virus from Windows PC

Trojan:BAT/Poweliks.A Overview

Trojan:BAT/Poweliks.A is a treacherous Trojan horse virus that was first detected in 2014. And since then, it came up with various other variants like Trojan.Poweliks, Trojan.Poweliks!gm and SONAR.Poweliks!gen. Once inside, this trojan variant will mess up the entire PC by adding codes to windows Registry and tampers other installed applications. This trojan is generally installed by a Trojan dropper or other malicious software downloaded from untrusted websites. Once installed, Trojan:BAT/Poweliks.A modifies the registry to execute the trojan at each Windows start. That also make it easy to spy around the online activities of users and trace the login credentials of banking accounts. Trojan:BAT/Poweliks.A make sure it cannot be detected by installed anti-virus tool for which it terminates the processes of several security products. Not only this, this Trojan virus may also weakens the Windows security to make it more vulnerable for further attacks. Trojan:BAT/Poweliks.A must be removed quickly from the PC.


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