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Tag: Get rid of alerts from W32.Downuk program

Remove W32.Downuk worm from PC

W32.Downuk Worm Infection

W32.Downuk is a type of worm infection that is used by cyber offenders to cheat owners of digital currency mostly Bitcoin. Like other computer worms, this one also spreads through removable devices. User may get this infection through infected files downloaded from the web and the worm further copies itself to the external removal devices. When the infected removal devices is connected to any clean computer system, W32.Downu worm gets inside that system.
Once inside, W32.Downuk hosts on the infected computer and replaces Bitcoin addresses which may have found within the clipboard so as to transfer all the digital money to their own Bitcoin address. So, if you have found any changes within your Bitcoin address or any random process running within the task manager then, we recommend quickly scanning your computer and remove W32.Downuk worm immediately.


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