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Tag: Get rid of alerts from W32.Rarogminer program

W32.Rarogminer Monero miner(Removal Solution)

W32.Rarogminer Monero Miner Overview

W32.Rarogminer Monero miner is detected as a computer worm whose presence would risk your computer resources. This worm infection is designed to mine for the Monero cryptocurrency by utilizing the CPU resources of the attacked PC.

W32.Rarogminer worm infection might strike on your computer through self-replicating its malicious file from one computer to another while using any infected removal media devices. The payloads of the virus is being distributed through infected file downloads that starts by copying its file on the removal device to spread further on another computer devices. The file may be named as:

This process continues each time user inserts any external drives either it is a flash drive, external HDD or any other memory carrier. When the infected removal drive is connected to a healthy computer system, it copies the infected files on the computer and so it gets the infection.

Once, W32.Rarogminer Monero miner installs successfully, it starts a fake process named as “lsass.exe” within the task manager window. This process might be used as Mining process eating the CPU, network and other expenses of the attacked PC. This overloads the CPU that directly affects the computer performance. Users may have a hard time working on their computer as it freezes the screen, makes the performance dull and also slows the network.

If you have noticed W32.Rarogminer on your PC or a lsass.exe process consuming more than 90% of the CPU resources, then we advise you to remove this worm infection as soon as possible.


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