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Block redirect Overview is a redirect webpage that is managed by Cloudfront Adware program. Although, is a legitimate service owned by Amazon that is used as a content delivery network. But unfortunately, cyber hookers imitates its name for illicit marketing techniques. acts as a virtual layer between the web browser and the third-party that delivers advertising contents to the websites visited by the user. The main intention of this adware program is to build traffic for sponsored third-party websites and earn pay-per-click revenue for its authors.

Getting ads and pop-ups or being redirected to happens when user downloads any freeware program or ad-supported web extensions. Once installed, such adware program modifies various system settings like windows registry, task manager and browser settings. Thus, the default browser is force to redirect to that shows variety of advertisements fake updates of browsers/flash players, offers, software downloads and similar others. But clicking on them could worsen the situation of your computer as they might contain infectious link containing the payloads of virus. Thus, it is advised to avoid visiting web page or clicking on any of its recommended links. Quickly follow the removal guide to get rid of this annoying redirect page and other Adware programs.


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