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Tag: Get rid of Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php pop-ups

Remove Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php redirect page

Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php Overview

Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php is a is a browser redirect webpage that opens up in every new tab once the user starts surfing. This web address generally `readdresses to third party pages that will frequently show small pop-up window asking to update free tools like Media player, java version or flash players so on. If you click on such pop-ups, then it silently drop any piece of malicious code which will cause more issues to the PC.

You may notice your browser redirecting to Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php due to the download of any fake extension or bundled freeware. Thus, users are forced to visit this annoying website while browsing.
Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php will give a very bad browsing experience as it delivers lots of adverts and malicious links. On the other hand, Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php redirect page also records browsing data to assists third party to use them in advertising campaigns.
What is worse, Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php it can send all private data to cyber criminals who can badly misuse those. Thus, Jebadu.Com/Afu.Php redirect webpage should be removed quickly.


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