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How to Remove Search hijacker Overview should not be mistaken as a virus. But it is disguised as an ad-driven search provider that claims to easy access movies, games, applications and more for free. This search provider could be added to your browser while you accidently click any malicious link that suggest some downloads like extensions, add-ons, updates and so.

Remove Search hijacker is categorized as a browser hijacker that is used as an advertising campaign by showing up ads and pop-ups upon the browsers like Chrome, Mozilla and Microsoft Edge. Thus you not get the desired results, instead the whole browser might be flooded with third party ads and links. These links keep on redirecting to unknown pages containing harmful codes embedded within attractive and useful links. But clicking on them could drop other potentially unwanted programs inside the PC. The presence of search hijacker could raise more severe issues for the whole PC till it is not being removed completely. If you want to have secure browsing, then you must remove immediately.


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