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Tag: How do I remove Advanced ScreenSnapshot extension

Uninstall Advanced ScreenSnapshot Adware

What is Advanced ScreenSnapshot?

Advanced ScreenSnapshot is advertised as a useful application to take screenshots of rectangular windows. But it is not a complete program in itself as users need to edit the image produced by the screenshot with the help of other application.
Many users have chosen to uninstall Advanced ScreenSnapshot application as it delivers lots of advertisements all over the browser. This program is usually installed on your computer with some of free software downloaded from the web.
Once Advanced ScreenSnapshot is fully installed, it attempts to change various settings to take the control of the browser. Thus, you may find unwanted redirection that open up on every new tab. This have become a very common trick used by Adware programs to display their sponsored pages and deliver advertisements through it. Ads by Advanced ScreenSnapshot shows promotional links to install third-party programs like plug-ins, extensions and Add-on programs to be installed on the infected web browsers.

In addition to these, Ads by Advanced ScreenSnapshot keeps tracking cookie to look up for user’s the browsing information in lure to deliver ads related to their interest. There is no need to waste time in hooking with this kind of adware programs. Quickly go for automatic Advanced ScreenSnapshot adware removal.



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