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Tag: How I block redirect webpage

How to Remove redirect webpage Overview is a disturbing website that redirects user’s search queries to third-party sites presenting lots of advertising contents in Russian language. So if your browser is redirecting you through each time you are about to surfing, this means it is infected with unwanted program. You may not know how it arrived on your browser as it happens due to installing of any fake browser extension, ad-supported toolbars or any freeware programs. Such unwanted programs messes up browser’s settings that results in redirections to[id and then to multiple sites.


Technical Details of

Type Browser Hijacker
Risk level High
Description is a browser hijacker that replaces the existing homepage to redirect users to unknown webpages..
Occurrence Freeware installation, Visiting suspicious websites, Browser Redirection and spam mail attachments..
Possible Symptoms Deliver of Fake error warnings, avoid visiting useful web address, Change of browser settings and adding up start-up codes to Registry Editor.
Detection Tool

Download the Detection toolTo confirm attack of virus on your computer.

This redirect page tends to serve marketing campaigns for third party sites and their services. So, each click on these links will in turn help the authors of to earn their commission. For this redirect program collects the surfing data of users to serve more related ads upon the infected browser. Soon, you will realize your browser to be controlled by this fake web domain that you will have hard time surfing on such a tainted browser. Thus, homepage redirect should be removed at its earliest.


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