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Tag: How I remove redirect virus hijacker. How to Remove? hijacker is just another homepage redirect domain that attacks the browser at the time of downloading any freeware extension. This fake search engine redirects user’s new tab to Yahoo search, or other third-party search engines. The main motive behind is to trace user’s surfing data like:

  • Searched keywords;
  • Browsing preferences;
  • Visited websites info;
  • Links clicked;
  • IP address;
  • Email address;
  • Contacts;

And many such personal information to share with third-party, who can collect and filter thode data for various illicit purposes. Most of the time, users happen to see as their default start-page after unknowingly adding ‘Power Search’ extension. This extension is developed by eAnswers h[tt]p://www.eanswers[.]com) which is active since 2015 and still known to distribute various Adware programs like Private Search,,, VideoNet Search and MoviesFriendly Search. These adware and browser hijacker program may appear user-friendly and genuine but are a part of bundled installation. Using means you are not safe online. Before you attempt installing this search engine you must read its privacy policy and terms and conditions of download at h[tt]p://search.searchtheweb[.]today/privacy and h[tt]p://search.searchtheweb[.]today/terms.
If you have already installed this extension and facing browsing issues, then you should not delay removing and its other related extensions from the browsers.

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