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What is cryptojacking? How to prevent your browsers from in-browser Mining?

What is cryptojacking?

Cryptojacking is the terms being used to define for mining of crypto-currencies with the expense of someone else resources of the computer system. As cryptocurrency gaining popularity due to its non-centralized nature, it cannot be traced by the government. And are easily used by cyber criminals like Ransomware to make transactions digitally. Hacker also take advantage of this to make huge money. But as mining process needs lots of CPU and GPU resources, they do it make dropping malicious javaScript codes and fake extensions to the web browser that starts executing within the background momentarily.What is cryptojacking? How to prevent your browsers from in-browser Mining?While users are unaware of such happens on their browser, Cryptojackers mislead users by showing ads, stream videos, games and so on. Earlier it started with CoinHive and now there are lots of similar to this being discovered that are stealthily hijacking the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox to run the mining script on the browser that uses the CPU power of the attacked system to generate crypto-currency like Bitcoin and Monero.
Here we, list some of the in-browser Miner programs from your database that uses cryptojacking technique to mine cryptocurrency:

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Nowadays, various website owner also use crypto mining scripts while user visits their web site to earn extra profits and keep their sites running. The most popular to this was “The Pirate Bay” which is the world’s most popular torrent website confessed using Monero cryptocurrency miner on its websites.

How to detect cryptocurrency Miner program running on your system?

Earlier digital currency like Bitcoin was popular among the Ransomware authors to receive payment from its victims. As the cryptocurrency cannot be traced, but many hackers and people getting interested in cryptocurrency as these have high exchange rates and can help generate huge revenue.
So many websites and in-browser Miner extensions runs the mining JavaScript codes on the web browsers to mine crypto coins.

Users encountering high CPU usage when they visit a particular website. If you notice your browser become extreme slow, lots of commercials appearing on the web page and pop-ups appearing out of nowhere on your browser, can be sign of cryptojacking.
If you are not even a tech-savvy, you can just perform a quick check on your browser if unknown web extension installed, websites that are running bad scripts within the background and CPU consuming more than 70% of the resources and sites with massive amount of advertisements.

How to prevent your web browser from Cryptojacking?

Most of the websites running crypto-mining scripts uses the service from CoinHive that offers a JavaScript miner for the Monero coins. The code is embedded within the websites which user visits. While the user is busy in playing games, streaming videos or seeing advertisements, the miner auto-executes within the browser and generate Monero coins for the website owners. Website owners do this to keep their site running and earn extra income.
As the mining process requires huge CPU power so may not want your resources to be misused by hackers or any other websites.
Here are few quick things you can do stop crypto-mining on various browsers:

Use browser extensions to block the sites that uses javascript codes for in-browser mining:

For Chrome browser, you can use No Coin or MinerBlock Chrome extensions that are the free and most effective methods that can be used to block cryptocurrency mining within the Google Chrome browser. These extensions automatically blocks popular and most widely used mining domains, and don’t worry the extensions will be adding and more and more such domains with their usage.

For Firefox Browser, you can use NoScripts extension
This extension aggressively blocks almost all the scripts running on the websites. So you may not some part of the visited websites. You can use this extension to get rid of cryptocurrency mining.

You can also use Ad blocking extensions to block mining domains
Ad blocking extensions such as AdBlock can be useful to stop websites running mining script in web browser. Whichever browser you may be using, you can search for “Ad blocking” extensions and within the settings you can list the domain name or URL to completely block them. Even if you are not sure, you can have a hit and trial method on any suspicious website.

For Opera Browser, there is an in-built functionality that blocks CoinHive and its scripts in the latest Opera 50 web browser. Using this feature user can block the websites that make use of CoinHive scripts or other cryptocurrency mining techniques. You can find this option under:
Settings for windows/Preferences on macOS > Basic > Block ads and under the Recommended lists of ad filters.

How to Remove Cryptojacking Programs

If your Computer or Browser is already infected with Crypto-miner program, then you may notice the following symptoms:

  • User may locate unknown process within the task manager window which will have a description of “No File”.
  • The CPU usage will show 90% or above.
  • Applications will run slowly and minimize and maximize window will stuck at times.
  • User may face difficulties while browsing, playing games, watching videos and performing other tasks.
  • Normal performance of the computer will be hampered.

If you notice the above behaviors of your computer system, then you should quickly check of Crypto-Miner program by scanning your computer and remove them.
Our technical team have tested the threat and found that Crypto-Miner can be successfully removed by these anti-malware applications.

Remove Miner program with McAfee Anti Virus Security

Remove Miner program with Panda Antivirus Pro Security

Remove Miner program with STOPzilla AntiVirus 8.0

Remove Miner program with SpyHunter

Any of these automatic Removal methods works at their best to free your computer system from crypto-Miner. 

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