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ADB.Miner Worm: An Android crypto-mining malware targeting Amazon Fire TV and other devices

ADB.Miner Worm: An Android crypto-mining malware targeting Amazon Fire TV and other devices

Amazon Fire TV & Other Amazon Devices are the new targets of the Android Cryptocurrency Mining.

Security experts have found new Android-based cryptocurrency mining malware that is now targeting Amazon Fire TV and other Fire TV Stick Devices. After the continuous Ransomware attacks, now the hacker/cyber criminals have found new way to victimizing users and generate huge profit.

ADB.Miner Worm: An Android crypto-mining malware targeting Amazon Fire TV and other devicesADB.Miner Worm: An Android crypto-mining malware targeting Amazon Fire TV and other devices

As the Amazon devices are gaining popularity, so this has now become the easy target for the hackers to infect the Amazon devices including Amazon Fire TV and TV stick devices. The reason being is that the Amazon uses a modified version of Android named as “FireOS”. The Fire OS has a simplified user interface that helps users to control the TV more conveniently.

Secondly, the users of Amazon Fire TV devices are allowed download apps from its default “Amazon AppStore” and has no access to Google Play Store. The Amazon AppStore provides applications to be installed, so users are always looking for more apps for media and entertainment. These are provided by some third-party sites.

These third-party sites may contain the “ADB.Miner” worm which are infecting the Amazon Fire TV devices and others by Cryptocurrency Miner.

What is ADB.Miner and how the device can be infected by it?

ADB.miner is a generic detection for cryptominer that has been found on the infected devices mining for Monero digital currency. Users can get this Android crypto-miner infection along with any third-party app like one is detected by the app named as “Test”. The “Test” app contains the package name “” Once the infection is installed on the device, it starts mining for the digital currency-Monero.

The cryptocurrency mining process requires huge amount of system power and electricity. Thus, you will soon realize your device being too slow and you will receive huge amount of electricity bill.

Also, if you have other Amazon devices connected with the same network, then it will soon spread the infection to your other Amazon devices too.

How ADB.miner infection works on your Amazon Fire TV device

This Android Crypto-miner infection starts once the malware particularly app is installed on the “Amazon Fire TV”. This app contains the mining codes for the digital currency “Monero”.

Security experts warns users to be cautious while downloading any app to watch pirated movies and TV shows.

According to the reports, the most effective way through which this malware can infiltrate is the “Android Debug Bridge” function. If this function is turned “on” on the device is on. This feature restricts the third-party or malicious apps to be installed on the device. Many users may turn on this feature who which to install third-party apps to watch pirated movies or TV shows and manage their media contents on the device.

ADB.miner is actually a worm that can spread to other devices connected with the same network using ADB feature. However, it is still unknown that through which app it travels but if one of your device gets this infection, then soon your other Amazon devices will also be infected.

Once the mining process gets started, it will slow down your device and it will take more time than usual to load the applications. The crypto-malware will utilize the 100 % resources of the device to mine for the digital currency.

A screen with “Test”- a green colored Android icon will appear randomly on the infected devices. This means your device’s resources are being utilized by the malware to mine cryptocurrency.
This will result in sudden stop of the apps, video will stuck and device hardware components will also be impacted.

The Amazon Fire TV device infected with ADB.miner will never function normally and will cost you a lot of electricity bill. Along with inconvenience in using your device.

How to prevent or stop ADB.miner worm from your device

If you feel your device has turned drastically slow and become unresponsive at times, the you should give a check, if it is infected with ADB.miner on not.

Although, the infection has no any visible file or app, so it is difficult to trace or simply uninstall the malicious app. But just to make sure, you can have a check on your apps section, if you have any suspicious third-party app or any app named as “Test”. Then quickly delete it. You can also take the help of “Total Commander” which is a file managing app to search for any malware on the device.
If your device is already infected with crypto-miner then, the best way to deal with it is to do a full factory reset of the device.
Before starting it, you need to make sure disconnect all the other devices from the network and turn them off.
Now on your infected Amazon Fire TV device follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll the menu to the right and choose SystemHow to perform factory reset on Amazon fire TV
  • Scroll down further and find the option of Reset to Factory Defaultsfire-tv-stick-reset-factory-defaults
  • Once you click on it, a warning pop-up message will appear. Go ahead and press on “Reset”.factory reset amazon fire tv
  • Be patience and wait until the process is completed.

For future preventive measure:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Device from the menu list
  • Select Developer options.
  • You will see two things “ADB debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources”. Make sure you have both the options turned “OFF”.Developer-Options-ADB-Debugging-Unknown-Sources-Off

This is how you can protect your devices from being attacked by any malware or crypto-miner infections like ADB.miner in future.

As a precaution: Use only authenticated “amazon store” for installing apps and never rush for unverified third-party apps, as they may attract you initially but is just a trick to drop any malicious stuff to fulfill their own evil motive.

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