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Tag: How to recover Drive.bat files from external media device

Drive.bat Trojan Virus. How To Remove?

Drive.bat Overview

Drive.bat is detected as a destructive trojan threat that aims to compromise system’s security and hamper its performance. This dangerous trojan horse is capable to mess up computer settings like windows registry entries, task manager, installed applications and firewall.
Drive.bat virus is not new, but is prevailing since many years by taking the advantage of malicious downloads of file, clicking on infected ad-links, opening spam mail attachments and freeware installation. Once successfully installed, Drive.bat virus targets other external devices on the PC like external hard drives, Flash drives, SD cards and so on. It then infects the files stored on the device and the infected files are replaced by shortcuts. These files are no more exist in readable state making it useless. The files tampered are not deleted but actually exist in a form of unreadable state. Drive.bat Trojan virus further spreads to other computer system and negotiates the entire computer system till it is present. It is recommended to quickly remove this virus with effective anti-malware program. Also you can recover your data from USB/Pen drive or other external media device through reputed software program.


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