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Beware!Adult Sites Are Spreading Malicious Program via Fake Media Players

Beware!Adult sites are spreading malicious program via fake media players

You are surfing and suddenly get redirected to an adult website.This happens with most of the time while surfing the web.

Such pages floods the whole browser with numerous advertisements, adult contents and small flash videos playing along side of the page. This is too much annoying.
But do you know that this can also drop any infection to your computer system.’s true.

Adult Sites Are Spreading Malicious Program via Fake Media Players

Adult sites are one of the biggest sources from where your computer can get infected. Even if you don’t click any link, still it may randomly redirect you to fake and unknown pages. Some of them may appear legit that urges you to download/update any media player.
They also may drop pop-ups that say your computer is at risk or infected with malware.
Never trust on such warnings as they are completely fake and is just designed by the cyber criminals to drop their harmful programs and later carry out harmful conducts.

If you are looking out for any adult content make sure you don’t click on any such links or any pop-up that says can not display the content, install video/flash player.

How they can trick you?

At times, you visit any adult sites to watch any videos, it will prompt you about video cannot be played as the player needs to be updated or you need to install a player.

If you click on the recommended link or button that recommends you to install such programs, then you could ran into big trouble.

It is not recommended to take any actions on such websites. They are just a piece of malware or any potentially harmful program that will mess up your entire browser.
The authors behind this are just tempting you to install there fake program that can be in the form of media player, flash player updates, browser extensions like Browsing Safely that is detected recently and many so.

Once installed, such malware program could modify the browser settings including default homepage, search engine and new tab URL will always readdress to risky webpages.

All your searches will be performed by yahoo powered search engine or any third-party website. Also your browser will be flooded with non-stop advertisements. Unknown extensions and ad-supported program will be automatically installed on your browser as well as PC.

What harm the Potentially harmful programs can do?

There might not be any particular damage or motive behind this. This happens simultaneously one after another. As a single malicious link is enough to ruin your entire computer system.

To sum up, here are the list of all the consequences.

  •  You can see fake tech scam pop-ups that says your computer is at risk. And you need to call on the provided tech support number for assistance. Well, this is just a trick to make you pay for their fake services. Also, they show you fake system reports and urge you buy any any rogue security application.
  • Might install any in-browser crypto-currency miner. The miners use your system resources like CPU, electricity and network connection to mine for digital currency without your knowledge. Click here to know more about in-browser miners.
  • It may be any spyware that keep keen watch on your browsing activities and record all your surfing data. These include your IP addresses, geolocation, search queries, browser type and version, internet provider, OS related info, viewed sites and their logins.
    Host inside your computer system and open the backdoor access for hackers to control your system remotely.

Preventive Measures

All these actions are illegitimate and can cause severe harm to you and your system. Thus, it is better to stay protected by using a strong anti-virus program that will alert you whenever any harmful program attempt to breach your security.
If don’t still have one, then we recommend you having a full-version updated anti-virus protection for your computer.

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