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Tag: how to Uninstall FF Guarded Searching extension

Remove FF Guarded Searching extension

FF Guarded Searching Overview

FF Guarded Searching is a dubious extension/add-on for Firefox browser. This malicious extension uses javascript codes that gets activated when user lands on the redirected/promotional web page like The pop-up tends to be a recommended “Firefox update” that asks users to feed their username and password. Although, it claims that the update is important in perspective to the browsing security of users. But the extension is nowhere associated with “Firefox”. The redirect page could trouble users a lot by frequently opening up pop-ups asking the same.

remove FF Guarded Searching

If user click on the “Install Now” button, then the FF Guarded Searching extension will be installed. This extension is just an ad-supported program that has no aim to protect your browsing instead, it uses javascript codes to display variety of advertisements, sponsored links and serve other advertising campaigns. Not only that, FF Guarded Searching extension keeps on tracking surfing habits of users to present more advertisements. It is just like the chrome extension. So if you have got FF Guarded Searching extension installed on the firefox browser, and you are facing troubles then you should immediately remove this extension and end up all ads.



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