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How to Remove “Bad Rabbit Attack”scam pop-ups

What is “Bad Rabbit Attack” pop-ups

The “Bad Rabbit Attack” scam pop-up message states:

Windows Has Detected a BAD RABBIT ATTACK!! On Your System
Facebook Login, Credit Card Details, Email Account Login, Photos stored on this computer
You must contact us immediately so that our engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone
Windows Has Detected a BAD RABBIT ATTACK !! On Your System
Do Not Shutdown Or Restart Your Computer
Contact Windows Certified Technicans For Immediate Assistance

The “Bad Rabbit Attack”scam alert appears on the browser that scares uses by stating that that “Windows had detected Bad Rabbit Attack”. And your personal data like saved logins, visited websites, photos and more could be endangered. This scamming web page makes user believes in such warnings and ask them further to call on the provided tech support number 1-844-539-5778 for technical assistance.

How to remove “Bad Rabbit Attack” Fake Alerts
If the user attempts to call on the above number, then the user could be scammed by paying huge money for fake services or products. The “Bad Rabbit Attack”scam could even lead to frauds. Getting redirected to
“Bad Rabbit Attack” pop-ups that asks user to call on a technical support number to resolve the issue, then it is a sign of your browser being infected by any Adware program installed on the computer system. Thus, quickly scan your PC to detect and remove all the potentially unwanted program.


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