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Block Window’s Security Certificate is Expired pop-up

What is “Window’s Security Certificate is Expired” pop-ups

Window’s Security Certificate is Expired pop-up is a deceitful alerts that makes false claims of the PC being attacked and financial data can be stolen. Such pop-up window are termed as tech support scam designed by cyber crooks to trick novice users and convince them that there PC is infected due to any suspicious activity. And further claims of the financial data like credit card details, bank account details, login credentials and many such could be stolen. Thus, users are recommended to immediately fix the issue by calling on the provided tech support number +1-888-411-1165.

Window’s Security Certificate is Expired pop-up appears as:

Windows has detected unusual activity on your Computer Network. Your information present on the machine might be at risk. Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss, or contact windows support at +1-888-411-1165.

The following information might be at risk:-

  • Financial informations
  • Bank Account Logins
  • Credit Card Details
  • Other Login Informations
  • Stored Files on this computer

Users may get convinced by such warnings as they seems to be legitimate and appears again and again while surfing. But users must know the real intention behind such tricks. Window’s Security Certificate is Expired is not a real thing and even no such issues exist on the user’s computer system.

Well, Window’s Security Certificate is Expired pop-ups usually appears while clicking on any suspicious ad-link or visiting any malicious web page. Once user click on such links, it may redirect to a questionable page that appears frequently on the new tab of the browser showing warnings and alerts. This webpage might also lock your screen restricting to perform any activity. Window’s Security Certificate is Expired pop-ups is just another tech scam programmed by cyber criminals with the same motive to scare users and earn money. It is a scam and following any recommended steps by this page could put you in huge loss.


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