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Tag: Is Deloton.coma safe website?

Remove browser redirect Overview is a deceptive website that aims to redirect users to its sponsored web pages in order to generate traffic. It is used as an ad-serving platform for various third-party website owners and earn commission in return.

Deloton virus is considered to be an Adware due to which the browser is forced to be automatically redirected to “” and others like so on. Infected browser could redirect to adult sites, fake dating sites, dubious gaming sites and also infected software download sites.

Visited any of such pages could trick you into infecting your whole system with any potentially harmful program. Not only that, it could also drop in-browser miner program that uses system resources to mine for crypto-currency like Bitcoin or Monero. Thus, user can face serious issues on the PC like system slowdown, performance degradation, browser crashes and many such. If your browser is being redirected to, then you should quickly remove to avoid further damages.


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