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Tag: Is a safe website?

Remove browser hijacker hijacker is a browser hijacker that is meant to redirect users to third party URLs. This website drops advertisements to monetize traffic of sponsored sites. So while using its search services, your searched queries are sent to third party servers and are finally redirected to other search engines to display the results. All the collected data are used for serving marketing campaigns.

Remove Remove browser hijacker normally attacks Google Chrome and comes bundled with freeware in the form of web extensions (Stream on the web), add-ons and toolbars to ease user’s surfing. But they silently drops kind of browser hijacker program that attempt to take the control over the browser by modifying existing settings. Thus you see its homepage and search engine that mislead you by showing tainted search results.

So, you should not believe on programs and quickly find a perfect solution to remove it and other associated Adware programs.

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