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Tag: Is “You Are Using an Older Version of Chrome”a safe website?

Block “You Are Using an Older Version of Chrome” pop-ups

“You Are Using an Older Version of Chrome” Overview

The “You Are Using an Older Version of Chrome” pop-ups is the new trick of malware distributors that is being used to drop banking Trojans on the computer systems. The pop-ups says that your chrome browser is out of that and they provide you an “update” link to get the latest one.
These pop-ups often appear suddenly on the browser the reason being user’s might have visited any infected web page or downloaded any fake browser extension.

“You Are Using an Older Version of Chrome”

The pop-up shown above looks legitimate as they use the name of legit platform like chrome, but it is just a trick to drop a harmful program here being a severe risky banking Trojan threat. This threat if became active on the computer could steal all your banking data and other financial data stored on the system. So, if you have got any such pop-ups stating to update your chrome, flash player or Adobe Reader then, please verify it before clicking on their recommended link.

If you are continuously getting “You Are Using an Older Version of Chrome” pop-ups, then we recommend you running a full system scan to your computer to detect and remove any threats or vulnerabilities from the PC.


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