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Tag: Manual Removal of homepage hijacker

Remove browser hijacker hijacker

The post is about “” awaring you of its behaviours, attack methods and removal instructions. Please read the guide carefully and follow the step-by-step removal procedure to get rid of this program. is the homepage hijacker that mounts on the new tab of your browser without any approval. This homepage is associated with “Easy To Find Forms” web extension that claims it be useful for users who are seeking for various forms online. This extension is owned by the company named as “Polarity Technologies”(previously known as SaferBrowser).

Easy To Find Forms is actually an Adware that modifies existing new tab, homepage, and search engine of the default browser. Hence, user suddenly see as default homepage and the search preferences are also altered to its own search engine that is

The page appears as:

Remove heasytofindforms-com-browser-hijacker

You can see there are lots of quick links and toolbars added on the new tab. This is meant to promote third-party programs and also record your browsing data for illegal actions. Also, you will never get any trusted results on the website and all your queries will be used to serve advertisements to draw traffic and earn commission.

So, if you have got Easy To Find Forms extension installed on your browser and your homepage being redirected to, then quickly go for removal and switch to your previous browsing settings.

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