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Tag: Manual Removal of Trojan.Agent.STU malicious program

How to Remove Trojan.Agent.STU virus from Windows PC

Trojan.Agent.STU Overview

Trojan.Agent.STU is rated highly risky trojan agent that is designed to open the backdoor of the attacked system and allow malicious programs to intrude inside. This nasty computer trojan virus is clever at hiding within the system’s directories and execute illegal tasks. Trojan.Agent.STU mainly gets inside through fake downloads of extensions, cost-free software programs and visiting infected pages that may silently drop this infection to the PC. Once entered, this perilous trojan threat shuts down the active anti-virus program and firewall to escape its detection.

Trojan.Agent.STU will negotiate the resources of the compromised windows system and establish network connection to remote server. Thus, it is able spread within the systems connected within any workplace or so. Trojan.Agent.STU is also able to steal your personal data, system related information and access other important documents by keeping a keen watch on your activities. Your information could be shared with hackers for illegal action. So, it is quite urgent to remove Trojan.Agent.STU virus from your computer system.


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