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Remove fake pop-ups from browsers

What is “” pop-ups is a tricky website that throws fake pop-up alerts stating, “Your Windows is heavily damaged by (3) Viruses!” and traces of spyware/malicious programs have been found. System scan should be started immediately to free the PC from viruses rather these viruses will permanently damage the system, data and applications. The pop-up appear to be legit as it resembles the very renowned Microsoft page. So users might quickly believe in so and agree to follow the recommended procedures.

But before that, users must gather more knowledge about such warnings. So to put to rest all your queries and make you aware of the truth behind, it is worth to alert you that it is just a scam!!! Cyber offenders are using such tricks to fool users and ask you to install any malicious program that will take the control of your online activities to accomplish various illegal tasks.

remove redirect redirect pop-up window appears when the browser infected or user unknowingly visits any malicious web domain. Its prime motive is to scare users by showing full-window pop-up alert stating to install dubious applications like fake anti-virus/system utility applications. These applications will show dubious reports which further ask users to buy its full version or get registered for the product to completely resolve the issues. Also, it could end up remotely connecting your computer which is controlled by group of cyber criminals which pretends to be technicians to solve the issue and ask for payments.

So, it is advised not to attempt calling or do any recommended actions by pop-up as it will lead to more damaging situations. Quickly follow the removal solution to stop getting fake pop-ups from


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