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Top 5 Chrome Extension to help maintain privacy and security while browsing

We often come across various browser extensions which can enhance our browsing and help us to stay protected while surfing. But sometimes, we just stumble upon onto any annoying rather than helpful extensions, which are nowhere helped us and instead stay their on our browser to annoy us.


Extensions are helpful no doubt, but many cyber offenders release fake versions of legitimate extensions to fool users and only are meant to serve their evil purposes.


  • You should never download/install any extension from untrusted links as it could be form of any Adware/Malware.
  • Always visit the Chrome store to download the needed one.
  • Also, their are various built-in functionalities present within the browser, which can help you stay protected online without the use of any extensions.

Now, here is the quick list of some extension that could be helpful to you.

>>>>Block Sites: The web is full on contents that appears in various forms like redirects pages that opens one after another. We need to be focused while working at that time, some websites distracts you and never let you do your work peacefully. Also, some of them could be harmful ones which might contain crypto-mining, ads and pop-ups to make you install any potentially unwanted program. Block Site will help you easily block the annoying and harmful websites on your chrome browser.block sites chrome extension
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>>>>No coin: There are various websites which uses crypto-mining scripts to mine for digital currency like Bitcoin or Monero. This can consume all your CPU resources and you will notice your CPU usage more than 90%. This clearly means your resources are being negotiated without your permission. No coin simply blocks such website one is like coinhive. This is a must have extension to stay protected against Cryptojacking.

no coin chrome extension

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>>>>Click&Clean: This is all in one chrome extension having various functionalities that deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, download and browsing history to prevent you from being tracked by third-party sites, Not only that, it even scans for malware that might have hidden on your computer system. All-in-all, it will keep your browser safe and up-to chrome extension

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>>>>Web of Trust(WOT): It is crowd-sourced extension that marks a website safety level as safe, suspicious or unsafe. It has a huge community of users, where they can put their reviews on websites that will help you to know the website you are visiting is a trustworthy one or not. It will alert you whenever you are visiting any harmful website.web of trust chrome extension

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>>>>HTTPS Everywhere: This extension switches the website URL from HTTP to HTTPS, that means your data will be encrypted and secured. This extension is a joint work of Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation so can feel safe of any kind of online threats. HTTPS everywhere Chrome extension

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