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How to Open Task Manager in Chrome Browser and End a process.

Many we get struck while browsing, or there are pages which opens up again and again on the new tab of your browser. Such pages makes browser dull and sluggish. But you have a solution.

Google Chrome browser comes with built-in Task Manager that allows users to track the running processes like extensions, pages and other Google processes and how much CPU memory they are consuming. This feature can help you at times when the browser has turned too slow due to any unwanted extensions running within the background or any infected pages that are appearing again and again. So, here you follow the step-by-step procedure to access the task manager in Google chrome browser.
To open the Google Task Manager:

First click on the Settings button from top-right corner as shown below.


Then select “More Tools”, and then click on “Task Manager”.


The Task Manager displays the info about the opened Tabs, running extensions, and processes running currently on the browser. Each one has specific process ID, CPU memory consuming, and network activity.

So, here you can see the details and if you notice any process that is taking too much of memory and CPU of the device, so you can select the process and click on “End process” to stop it. Then close everything and restart your browser. Now your Google Chrome browser will work faster and efficiently.
If you still face any unusual behaviour on your browser then, you should give a scan to your system to detect any threat or malware hidden inside.


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